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Student Nurse Reflection Essay For English 101

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Us 101 Student Course Reflection - Essay by Kskiver7

Us/101 Student Course Reflection Essay

Week Nine Student Course Reflection Worksheet

* STEP ONE: Please complete the following worksheet with detailed answers. I have given you a little “springboard” to responding; feel free to change my words and make them your own!
* STEP TWO: Remove the blue questions. This will create an essay format for you!
* STEP THREE: Proofread your paper. Does it flow well? If not, add any necessary elements. Check your spelling and punctuation.
* STEP FOUR: Submit it to our assignments section. Congratulations!
* -------------------------------------------------
EACH response must be a minimum of 150 words to be considered for full credit. Be sure to incorporate the question into your response, as begun for you below.
* -------------------------------------------------

Enrolling in college as an adult is a big decision! I have many reasons for enrolling in the university. My first reason is I felt I really wanted to further my education. I have my GED, but I feel like a college degree will get me much further in life. I also enrolled into the university for my children. I want to give them a better life. In order to do that I need a good job. With a degree I will be able to get a job that pays well. I also wanted to teach my children the value of education and the fact that it is never to late to go for something important to you. Personally I enrolled for myself. I am the first person in my family to go to college. Not only did I want to make my family proud, I wanted to be proud of myself.
* I believe the long-term results and the value of completing a degree in higher education will pay off in the future. The value of completing my degree program will be priceless. Employers look at a degree in high regards. When they see that on your resume they are more likely to consider you for the.

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