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Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valour Essay About Myself

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Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor.

This is not some gung-ho kid's attempt at finding glory. This is not some appeasement program that allows one to feel "important". This is the Civil Air Patrol, now part of Homeland Security. More specifically, it's the brotherhood of which I became a part at age thirteen. I needed a "waiver" just to attend BB at such a young age.

The aforementioned is virtue enough to live by, and are also words spoken to a few cadets "caught" discussing how this issue would be handled back at the ole 44033, now VT 033. The Gentlemen speaking was then BGen William Cass. The cadets having the conversation were myself and two others from my squadron.

Let me tell you something. Those words still, to this very day, are vivid and clear to me. When I came home from BB in 1983 I was VERY quiet. I had been humbled. I had been assisted in understanding my inherent individual insignificance. and yet, my indispensable position within the blue beret community. the same as all of you.

It was back then that I learned of brotherhood. It was among those ranks that I came to understand the word elite, and the veritable responsibility that comes with that "label". remember that you did not start this program, that we are merely borrowers of the program. and that we must prepare that program for the grandchildren of our grandchildren. We must be responsible not only for ourselves, but for our brethren and for future "carriers of the flame". for those that will follow.

You put that headgear upon your head, you now represent me. You now represent the men and women that came before. and you carry that weight on behalf of all those that will come after. We Inherently rely upon each other. It is you, me, and all of us that must defend the honor of the blue beret. The NCRSSC was here before I was. It is our responsibility to defend the reputation of the organization through our own acts of integrity.

"The Mission Comes First. "

The mission, folks, in the instant case. is rebuilding and strengthening an organization and its reputation to a point that the CAPSSC is implemented as a tool for strengthening the entire organization.

This is the 21st Century. ego is not on the menu for the next hundred years. Integrity, perseverance, persistence, dependability, honor, courage, commitment. These are the very tenets we must defend.

And no, gentlemen, I am not running for Governor and am not interested in your "votes". I work for a livin'. period.

Let me tell you gentlemen something. Blue beret taught me persistence, leadership, and the underlying will to succeed. I am, at age 36, president and CEO of a company called KRUSNEI, LLC, a division of which is our tactical operations division- a group of spec ops operators (USMC RECON, Navy SEAL, SF, PJ, and the lot). My second in command (executive VP) is a USMC Lt Col, and a RECON Marine himself.

"Business as usual" for us today, is soliciting state and federal agencies to get our shooters out on the borders of the US to assist in defending this great nation for it's history and citizenship today and our posterity tomorrow. likewise, this organization handles security assignments for organizations, individuals, and companies both domestically and abroad. Proof of life assignments are real, and we market an entity that is more than adept at the "snatch and grab".

Before any of that.

I am still the 13 year old cadet that left VT in the back of a pick up for Oshkosh, WI with a couple buddies from his CAP squadron, and came home a blue beret; came home "older", quieter, and wiser.

Remember that moment of pride. We all felt it. Don't we owe it to the kids that will follow? Let us all work together to defend the reputation of "Colonel" Cass, of this program, and of each other. That is how we will get through.

So, in a nutshell, yeah. this is very serious.

Paul D. Neier

NOTE: Paul received his Beret at Blue Beret '83

This is Not an Official WebSite & does not reflect the views or opinions of the U.S. Air Force, Civil Air Patrol or the National Blue Beret Program.


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SSgt Chris Yaroch

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How do you interpret the expression, discretion is the better part of valor?

To me, it's kind of a restatement of the old "pick your battles" position.

To give a practical view, we all know that stealing is wrong and those who do it ought to be punished. However if a starving man steals a loaf of bread to feed his children, rather than throwing him in jail, it might be more appropriate to sentence him to community service or have him work off the value of what he stole at the shop he stole it from. The same goes for a kid that steals a piece of candy from the convenience store, you don't throw the kid in jail even though that's the punishment the law dictates for theft, you take the kid in, have them apologize to the shopkeeper, give back the candy, ask if they can work it off and ground the kid for a couple of weeks.

Other examples of this kind of mindset would be "white lies", where it's better to tell someone something that's not true than cause them unnecessary emotional distress. Like a friend has to get a biopsy for a cancer screening. You tell them you're "sure it's nothing" when you actually don't know. You tell them "everything'll be fine" when you have no way to confirm that. In that instance they need emotional support more than they need the cold hard facts.

The same goes for knowing when to break a promise of secrecy. There are million other examples like this where it's generally better to bend your moral code a little bit than to hurt someone.

A valorous individual obviously has a strong sense of ethics and right and wrong, but the real world doesn't always neatly conform to our grand ideals and positions. In those instances it's important to use your discretion to know when to let things slide, or when to be lenient.

If, however, we are taking valor in the traditional sense of courage in combat or dangerous situations "pick your battles" becomes much less a figure of speech and much more a piece of tactical competence. Maybe I shouldn't charge that machine gun nest single-handed or maybe I shouldn't run into the orphanage that's engulfed in flames but rather provide care and support to those that have already made it out of the building etc, etc.

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    Discretion is the better part of valour essay about myself

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    valour — [[t]væ̱lə(r)[/t]] N UNCOUNT Valour is great bravery, especially in battle. [LITERARY] discretion is the better part of valour → see discretion He was himself decorated for valour in the war. Syn: gallantry (in AM, use valor) … English dictionary

    valour — val|our BrE valor AmE [ˈvælə US ər] n [U] literary [Date: 1500 1600;. Old French; Origin: valour, from Latin valor, from valere to be worth, be strong ] great courage, especially in war ▪ medals awarded for valor ▪ deeds of valour … Dictionary of contemporary English

    valour — BrE, valor AmE noun (U) literary great courage, especially in war see also: discretion is the better part of valour discretion (3) … Longman dictionary of contemporary English

    Discretion noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes

  • 1 the freedom or power to decide what should be done in a particular situation I'll leave it up to you to use your discretion. How much to tell terminally ill patients is left to the discretion of the doctor.
  • 2 care in what you say or do, in order to keep something secret or to avoid causing embarrassment to or difficulty for somebody; the quality of being discreet This is confidential, but I know that I can rely on your discretion. Jane is the soul of discretion ( = you can trust her ). Use the utmost discretion when you talk to her. compare indiscretion Word Family discreet adjective ( ≠ indiscreet ) discretion noun ( ≠ indiscretion ) Word Origin Middle English (in the sense

    ‘ to show good judgement’

    ): via Old French from Latin discretio(n-)

    ), from discernere. from dis-

    Extra examples ‘Do you want me to do the job myself or hire a photographer?’ ‘I’ll leave it to your discretion.’ Judges should be given more discretion over sentencing. She has considerable discretion as to how the money is spent. The courts exercise discretion in the area of minor traffic violations. The president used his executive discretion to pardon the two men. The school governors have absolute discretion over which pupils they admit. They give themselves complete discretion as to what information they will hand out. They would like local authorities to be given greater discretion as to how the money is spent. This case calls for the utmost discretion. We have discretion about how much to charge. to act with discretion to conduct enquiries with discretion. Jane is the soul of discretion. Idioms

    at somebody’s discretion

    according to what somebody decides or wishes to do Bail is granted at the discretion of the court. There is no service charge and tipping is at your discretion.

    discretion is the better part of valour

    ( saying ) you should avoid danger and not take unnecessary risks