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September 11 Reflection Essay For English 101

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English 101 self reflection essay

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english 101 self reflection essay

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September 11 reflection essay

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English 101

English 101�The Craft of Writing

Instructor: Jessica Gordon
Course: English 101, Section 91
Location: Business Building #1107
Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:15
Email: jbg4@comcast.net
Office Hours: TBA

Course Description:

English 101 is an intensive writing and thinking course that will progress through three stages. The first emphasizes generative sources of language and thinking, with freedom of form and content. The second emphasizes form and genre (meditative, persuasive, argumentative, and interpretive) along with the rethinking of one�s own writing and the responses one makes to the writing of others. The third emphasizes careful, critical thinking and revising in response to judgment and feedback from the community of writers that will form in the classroom as the course progresses.

Students will write and revise drafts every week. Through your collaboration in small sharing and responding groups, you will establish a community of writers. Through class conversations, demonstrations, and one-to-one teacher/student conferences, students will make use of course knowledge, explore course techniques, and develop ideas and papers. Through in-class writing, journal writing, and other written and oral communication, students will demonstrate and understanding of the processes and techniques needed to develop their work and respond to the work of others. These activities structure the class so that it becomes a supportive, encouraging force in the development of its writers.

After exposure to and participation in this course, students will be expected to

Recognize that writing is thinking, not just the product of thought;
Increase and retain natural human curiosity and initiative in searching for and developing information and knowledge;
Generate ideas and insights on topics of interest, as well as those that may not be of interest;
Develop an awareness and control of writing processes;
Adjust writing to needs of particular audiences;
Recognize the main point/focus of their own and others� writing;
Locate and remedy problems in reasoning and logic;
Identify some basic rhetorical forms and genres;
Demonstrate library/electronic research and source documentation skills;
Analyze and evaluate sources of information;
Recognize the importance of feedback in the development of pieces of writing;
Distinguish between revising (a re-thinking, re-seeing process) and copy-editing (a "mechanical" process);
Revise writing into coherent and workable paragraphs, as well as longer units;
Write clear, natural, lively sentences;
Correct problems in grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation.

Elbow, Peter and Pat Belanoff. A Community of Writers. 3 rd edition.
Hacker, Diana. A Writer's Reference, 4 th edition.
VCU E-mail account and Internet access

Note: Email has recently been officially recognized by VCU as a legitimate form of communication between students and instructors. Thus, you must check your email at least once per day. I will email you important info and/or changes about the class from time to time.

Course Requirements:
Portfolio of Revised Essays: In the thirteenth week of the semester, the writer will be asked to turn in a collection of his or her revised versions of papers 1-3 for evaluation. The advantage to the writer is that he or she has the entire thirteen weeks to revise essays. The conscientious student will utilize peer feedback, my feedback and the writing center to revise his or her essays several times before the portfolio is evaluated. Although all students will write several drafts of each essay before the portfolio is assessed, students who utilize writing resources will likely reap the benefits in the evaluation.

* Portfolio Essay #1: a 4-page meditative essay in which the writer draws from his or her own experience to produce a piece of writing in which narrative and reflection are sustained by a clear focus that is relevant to an audience.

*Portfolio Essay #2. Two parts totaling four pages
Part 1: a 2 page persuasive letter to an editor in which the writer responds to a published article. The letter should include a clear main claim and informed support of that main claim

Part 2: a companion 2 page analysis of the writer's own method of persuasion in the letter, in which the writer discusses decisions made with regard to purpose, audience, reasoning, and support for that reasoning.

*Portfolio Paper #3: 5-7 page argumentative essay in which the writer takes a strong position on an issue based on his/her own research, producing an essay with a clear main claim and line of argument which are supported by correctly documented sources.

*Additional Paper: 3-5 page interpretive essay in which the writer observes and analyzes a literary text to produce an essay with a clear main claim and line of argument.

Additional Assignments: Forty percent of you grade is determined by assignments other than the portfolio. These other tasks are listed below.

*Process Journal: The process journal will have three sections: (1) writing about your own writing experiences and writing processes, (2) writing about the collaborative process of the sharing/responding groups and one�s roles in them, and (3) freewriting. There are specific assignments for the first two sections. We will do some freewriting in class and you will be assigned freewriting for homework from time to time as well. You will, of course, have your own freewriting as well. Please include all freewriting in one section of your process journal. Due dates can be found on the daily syllabus. The journal should be a separate notebook/binder�not combined with class notes � because it will be collected and evaluated in the sixth week of class. All work in process journals must be correctly labeled and dated. (process journal #1, #2, etc. )

*Sharing and Responding in a Workshop Classroom: As writers learn to re-envision their work and discover their process through sharing their own work with and responding to the works of other writers, the writer will at times be asked to write responses on the work of his or her peers. These responses will utilize the language put forth in class and be courteous as well as thoughtful. These responses will be evaluated. Also, you must participate in both the peer and whole class workshops. Participation means that you demonstrate that you have carefully read each student�s paper and you have come to class prepared to discuss each student�s work. I will note your participation during workshops.

Note: Your job as a reader is to thoughtfully evaluate the work of your peers. It is your responsibility to
help one another. Write extensive notes in the margins of your peers' essays. This is not an option.
Readers who do not respond thoughtfully will lose points off their final grade.

*The Writer's Memo: Each main assignment, including every draft and the portfolio papers, should be accompanied by a cover letter in which the writer addresses issues of process specific to the assignment. Thus, the cover letters will be different for each draft as well as for the final essays in that you will be making revisions every time. I believe the cover letter is essential to the writer in that it allows the writer to reflect on his or her own writing and express to the audience strengths, weaknesses and questions. The cover letter is essential to the readers in that it acts as a preface to the work and allows the reader to focus on the writer�s primary issues and questions. Thus, I will not read essays which do not contain a cover letter, and you may not turn in a cover letter with that same draft and ask me to read it at a later date!

*Portfolios: 50%
*Interpretive Essay: 10%
*Additional Assignments: 40%

Note: Papers (and drafts) should conform to the following specifications. I will not accept any papers that do not meet these specifications. So if you turn in an essay with two inch margins, I will not read it and you will not receive credit. You may need to reset the default settings in Microsoft Word to adhere to these requirements:

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point
Margins: 1 inch, left and right, top and bottom
Justification: left margin only
Line Spacing: double-spaced
Print: dark, and on one side of the paper
Graphics: in an appendix only
Documentation: MLA style

Class Policies:
*Attendance Policy. Attendance and timeliness are essential for the successful completion of this course. There are no excused absences. In accordance with the Composition and Rhetoric department�s policy, if you miss more than six classes, you will fail the course. No exceptions! However, if you miss more than four classes, your grade will inevitably be adversely affected regardless. I take attendance at the beginning of class. If you arrive after class has begun but within the first ten minutes, I will write a L next to your name, for late. If you are late two times, this counts as one absence. If you arrive to class more than ten minutes late, I will not count you present; however, you will still reap the benefits of class. So I suggest you come to class even if you are late in order to participate and keep up with the your peers.

*Late Work: I do not accept late work ever. Please do not ask me to accept your work if it is late. If you anticipate an absence, please turn in your work prior to that class meeting. Leave your work in my mailbox in Hibbs #306, and send me an email letting me know that you did so. Do not slide work under my office door. I do not accept work through email. If you miss the due date for a workshop or you miss the workshop itself, you will lose credit. There are no late workshops!

*Online Syllabus: The syllabus will experience changes as the semester progresses and we speed up or slow down based on the development of the course. I will periodically update the online syllabus, so I expect you to check it before each class meets. Of course, I will announce any changes, but it is your responsibility to reprint the syllabus and observe any changes. Be sure you click on the correct section. The URL is: http://www.courses.vcu.edu/ENG101-jbg/

*Plagiarism and Academic Integrity: Because our work will be at times collaborative, issues of integrity arise in this class. You should not copy or print another student�s work without permission. Whenever you use material from another source, you must credit this source clearly, whether you are quoting directly, summarizing or paraphrasing. The Writer�s Reference explains documentation policies. In other words, respect the work of others and in no way present it as your own.

*Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 require that VCU provide an "academic adjustment" and/or a "reasonable accommodation" to any individual who advises us of a physical and/or mental disability. If you have a physical or mental limitation that requires an academic adjustment or accommodation, arrange a meeting with me at your earliest convenience.

Weekly Syllabus:

Week 1 (Building Community and Generating Writing)
Thurs 8/21 In Class Diagnostic Essay; Information Notecards
Homework: Read syllabus and explore online version with links; Please arrive at class on Tuesday with all text books required for this course and bring a copy of the whole syllabus.

Week 2 (Generating Writing for Meditative Essay & Developing Focus and Tension)
Tues 8/26: Introduction to the course and syllabus overview; Class introductions; A Writing Skills Questionnaire (p.447)
Homework: Read The Cover Letter for Sharing and Responding (p507); A Letter to the Instructor (p9); Read pgs 5-29

Thurs 8/28: An introduction to a variety of writing processes (pgs 5-18)
Homework: Invisible Writing (p 8) This is the beginning of your process journal, Process Journal #1; Read Chapter 2, (31-65) and be prepared to discuss these methods in class.

Week 3 (Developing Narrative through Image and Using Reflection)
Tues 9/2: Chapter 2 (pp. 31-65) Sandra Perl�s Composition Guidelines; The Open Ended Writing Process; Begin Listing Exercises.
Homework: Process Journal #2, respond to questions on p. 37; Choose three of your answers from the listing exercise in class and freewrite for 5 minutes on each topic. Bring your freewriting to class in part 3 of your journal.

Thurs 9/4: Beginning the Meditative Essay (pp. 6-7); Examples of Meditative Essays; Read �Image of Ice Cream Man� & �An Ice Cream Man.� Generating Topics�Listing, Looping (Chapter 3, p 70)
Homework: Continue Looping exercises; Arrive on Tuesday 9/9 with at least three pages, typed, of a potential meditative essay. Bring two copies! You will share this with a peer group. In this essay, just describe one particular experience or one particular place you have been and what you experienced at that place. Use a lot of detail.

Week 4 (Taking Control of Voice)
Tues 9/9 Letting Words Grow out of seeing; Can Listeners See it too? Letting Listeners give an Impetus (pp. 100-103); Read �Movies of the Reader�s Mind (pp.534-536);Peer Workshop of essays
Homework: Read Read Chapter 6 (pp. 149-162);Using either the three pages of meditative writing you already began or choosing a fresh topic, revise or write a 4 page, typed, meditative essay. Bring two copies to class on Thursday. *YOU MUST VISIT THE WRITING CENTER BY 9/18
Process Journal #3: questions at bottom of p. 519

Thurs 9/11: Discuss �Movies of the Reader�s Mind� Return to peer groups and discuss if listeners can see the image or scene and allow your readers to give you relevant feedback; Read pp. 121-136; ; Group Work: Exchange papers and concentrate on voice; Volunteer for Whole Class Workshop (volunteer should email me his/her essay by Monday night)
Homework: Read �Reverie� & �The Perfect Swing.� (pp. 112-114) Read �How can I, a Vietnamese Girl� (pp. 142-145); Revise your meditative essay and arrive on Monday with four pages of narrative and thoughtful reflection on your topic, revised and typed. Try to make the narrative and reflection connect to a clear focus and work on creating a strong voice. Bring two copies!

Week 5 (Reseeing and Rethinking�Revision and Pushing for Quality)
Tues 9/16: Discussion of Chapter 6; Discussion of Introductions and Conclusions
Homework: Process Journal #4: p. 161; Print, read and respond to essay for whole class workshop. Be prepared to comment in class; Be sure you have the correct due dates and workshop dates for whole class workshops and be sure to print and read each essay. If you do not receive any essay, please email me right away.

Thurs 9/18: Whole Class Workshop
Homework: Based on the feedback of your peers, the Writing Center, and my own suggestions, revise your essay. Although you will not receive a grade until the 13 th week of the semester, you want to revise your essay while it is still fresh in your mind. This is not to say that you should not continue revisions throughout the rest of the semester. Bring one copy of your essay on Tuesday 9/30 for me to evaluate.

Week 6 (Workshops of Meditative Essay)
Tues 9/23 Whole Class Workshops

Thurs 9/25 Whole Class Workshops

Week 7 (Generating Writing for Essay #2)
Tues 9/30: Presentation of published articles and introduction to stance and position; Meditative Essay Due Today
Homework: Read Chapter 10 (pp. 255-264); Bring to class on Thursday three examples from publications about which you might write.

Thurs 10/2: Discussion of Chapter 10; Writing a Letter to the Editor (p263); Share ideas about publications.
Homework: Write a 2 page letter to the editor of the publication from which your issue arises. Explain your interpretation of the work as well as your personal stance on the issue. Bring two copies of your letter as well as a copy of the article about which you are writing. YOU MUST VISIT THE WRITING CENTER FOR ESSAY #2 BY 10/13

Week 8 (Persuasion Continued)
Tues 10/7: Group Work: Explain the persuasive qualities of your letters. Suggest alternatives and new persuasive ideas and techniques; Volunteers for Whole Class Workshop on 10/16 (volunteer should email me his/her essay by Friday night.)
Homework: Process Journal #5 (p. 266); Revise your letter to the editor. Be sure that you have a main claim and several elements of support.

Thurs 10/9: Read �got violence� (pp.272-273) Group Work: How is this letter persuasive? How could you revise it to make it more persuasive?
Homework: Revise your letter to the editor based on peer feedback. Write a two page analysis of your method of persuasion: Read and critique essays for whole class workshop.

Week 9(Midterm)
Tues 10/14: Process Journal Due (total = 5); Midterm Evaluations; �A Writing Skills Questionnaire� (p 447); Mini-Workshop E (pp. 463-468)
Homework: Bring one copy of your revised four page paper to turn in to me on Tues. 10/21; Read Chapter 11

Thurs 10/16: Whole Class Workshops

Week 10 (Analyzing the Elements of Argument)
Tues 10/21: Discussion of Chapter 11; Portfolio Essay #2 Due Today
Homework: Choose a topic about which you have mixed feelings. Although you may have several points of view, choose two contrasting ideas and write a one page, typed, argument for each. Bring 2 copies to class on Thursday.

Thurs 10/23 Share argument ideas; Generating ideas for Paper 3 (Listing and Looping)
Homework: Read �Short Letters� (p 268) and �Analysis of my Argument in �Short Letters�.� Continue Looping exercises at home. List three topics about which you might write.

Week 11 (Begin Writing for 8-10 page Argumentative Essay)
Tues 10/28: Meet in library with potential topic
Homework: Read Chapter 12 (pp. 303-325); Complete 4-5 pages of freewriting on your topic; Bring Writer's Reference to class on Thursday.

Thurs 10/30: Discuss Chapter 12; Share topics with class.
Homework: Mini-Workshop F (pp. 469-477); Arrive on Monday with draft 1 of paper 3. This draft should be at least five pages typed. Bring three copies; Bring The Writer�s Reference to class

Week 12 (Argumentative Essay Continued and Documentation)
Tues 11/4: Exchange papers; Discussion of Documentation and Research;
Homework: Critique peer papers

Thurs 11/6: Peer Workshop
Homework: Read and respond in process journal to Mini-Workshop J (pp 494-496); Continue revision of Paper 3. Include at least three documented sources; Volunteer for whole class workshop (volunteer should email me his/her essay by Monday night)

Week 13 (Portfolio Revision)
Tues 11/11: Mini-Workshops G & L; Discussion of grammatical issues from peer papers
Homework: Revise Paper three including five sources for 11/13. Bring four copies. I will read one copy. Papers should be at least 5 pages long and have five sources; MLA documented works cited page due including at least five sources on Thursday 11/13; Read and critique essay for whole class workshop

Thurs 11/13: Whole Class Workshop; Discussion of cover letter for portfolio; Portfolio Paper #3 Due Today ;
Homework: Work on Paper #3

Week 14 (Portfolio)
Tues 11/18: Workshop with me; Discuss Paper #4
Homework: Complete Portfolio

Thurs 11/20: PORTFOLIO DUE! Movie
Homework: No Homework!

Week 15 (Text Analysis)
Tues 11/25: Movie
Homework: Write a draft of your essay for paper #4. Bring two copies to class on Tuesday.

Thurs 11/27: NO CLASS

Week 16 (Interpretive Essay Continued)
Tues 12/2 Peer Workshop; Class Evaluations
Homework: Paper 4 due on Thursday.

Thurs 12/4: Paper #4 due by 5pm today! Put it in the box that says English 101 and your class time outside my door in Anderson building, #206. Make sure you have a cover letter as well. Do not meet in the classroom.

I will email you to let you know when and where you can pick up your portfolio and final grade.