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Worksheet - Essay by Huyencun94

Worksheet Essay

Name: Nguyễn Thanh Huyền
Class: Sư phạm Anh K38B

1.Look at the pictures and choose the correct answer:

| | | |
Tom | Nick | Alisa | Bart |
| | | |
Odelia | Robert | Gabby | Mike |

1. Who is wearing green T-shirt and blue shorts?
2. What is Robert's favourite sport?
3. Who likes to play football?
4. Who has got long brown hair?
5. Skateboarding is favoutite sport.

2. Choose what children like doing in their free time:

| | | | |
She likes | He likes | She likes | He likes | |

3. Fill in the blanks by using words in the box:
sports swimming afternoon games football |
Jim is my new pen friend. He is from England. He likes (1) and (2). His favourite sport is(3). He often goes swimming in the(4). He wants to be a good swimmer. On weekends, he never goes swimming. He plays(5) with his friends.

4.Look and write T/F in the box:
1.Jim is my new pen friend. |
2.He is from England. |
| 3.He likes sports and
games. |
| 4.His favourite sport is
basketball. |
| 5.He often goes swimming in the afternoon. |
6.He wants to be a good
swimmer. |
7.On weekends, he never goes
swwimming. |
| 8.He plays football with his friends. |
5. Choose the right answer:
Jim (1)_____ my new pen friend. He is from (2)____. He (3)____ sports and games. His favourite sport is swimming. He often goes swimming in the afternoon. He wants to be (4)____ good swimmer. On weekends, he never goes swimming. He plays football with his (5)____.

1. A.is B.are C.am
2. A.English B.England C.Englishs
3. A.likes B.like C.is liking
4. A.an B.the C.the
5. A.friend B.friendes C.friends

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Excel 2013: Groups and Subtotals - Full Page

Groups and Subtotals

In Excel groups and subtotals let you can hide data and summarize groups. Use groups and subtotals in Excel to better read data too.

Introduction Video: Groups and Subtotals

Worksheets with a lot of content can sometimes feel overwhelming and even become difficult to read. Fortunately, Excel can organize data in groups. allowing you to easily show and hide different sections of your worksheet. You can also summarize different groups using the Subtotal command and create an outline for your worksheet.

To group rows or columns:
  • The selected rows or columns will be grouped. In our example, columns A. B. and C are grouped together.

    To ungroup data, select the grouped rows or columns, then click the Ungroup command.

    To hide and show groups: Creating subtotals

    The Subtotal command allows you to automatically create groups and use common functions like SUM, COUNT, and AVERAGE to help summarize your data. For example, the Subtotal command could help to calculate the cost of office supplies by type from a large inventory order. It will create a hierarchy of groups, known as an outline. to help organize your worksheet.

    Your data must be correctly sorted before using the Subtotal command, so you may want to review our lesson on Sorting Data to learn more.

    To create a subtotal:

    In our example, we will use the Subtotal command with a T-shirt order form to determine how many T-shirts were ordered in each size (Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large). This will create an outline for our worksheet with a group for each T-shirt size and then count the total number of shirts in each group.

    1. First, sort your worksheet by the data you want to subtotal. In this example, we will create a subtotal for each T-shirt size, so our worksheet has been sorted by T-shirt size from smallest to largest.
  • Select the Data tab, then click the Subtotal command.
  • The Subtotal dialog box will appear. Click the drop-down arrow for the At each change in: field to select the column you want to subtotal. In our example, we'll select T-Shirt Size .
  • Click the drop-down arrow for the Use function: field to select the function you want to use. In our example, we'll select COUNT to count the number of shirts ordered in each size.
  • In the Add subtotal to: field, select the column where you want the calculated subtotal to appear. In our example, we'll select T-Shirt Size .
  • When you're satisfied with your selections, click OK .
  • The worksheet will be outlined into groups. and the subtotal will be listed below each group. In our example, the data is now grouped by T-shirt size, and the number of shirts ordered in that size appears below each group. To view groups by level:

    When you create subtotals, your worksheet it is divided into different levels. You can switch between these levels to quickly control how much information is displayed in the worksheet by clicking the Level buttons to the left of the worksheet. In our example, we'll switch between all three levels in our outline. While this example contains only three levels, Excel can accommodate up to eight.

    1. Click the lowest level to display the least detail. In our example, we'll select level 1. which contains only the grandcount. or total number of T-shirts ordered.
  • Click the next level to expand the detail. In our example, we'll select level 2. which contains each subtotal row but hides all other data from the worksheet.
  • Click the highest level to view and expand all of your worksheet data. In our example, we'll select level 3 .

    You can also use the Show and HideDetail buttons to show and hide the groups within the outline.

    To remove subtotals:

    Sometimes you may not want to keep subtotals in your worksheet, especially if you want to reorganize data in different ways. If you no longer want to use subtotaling, you'll need removeit from your worksheet.

    1. Select the Data tab, then click the Subtotal command.
  • All worksheet data will be ungrouped. and the subtotals will be removed .
  • To remove all groups without deleting the subtotals, click the Ungroup command drop-down arrow, then choose Clear Outline .

    1. Open an existing Excel workbook. If you want, you can use our practice workbook .
    2. Try grouping a range of rows or columns together. If you are using the example, group columns D and E .
    3. Use the Show and HideDetail buttons to hide and unhide the group.
    4. Try ungrouping the group. If you are using the example, ungroup columns D and E .
    5. Outline your worksheet using the Subtotal command. If you are using the example, outline by T-shirt size .
    6. Remove subtotaling from your worksheet.
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