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PS139Q Forms and Info 2013-2014

public school 139 93-06 63rd drive rego park new york 11374 718 459-1044 monica powers-meade principal september 9 2013 dear parents and guardians we hope you and your family had a fun-filled summer as we launch the new school year we are planning one that will be filled with exciting learning experiences and many opportunities for personal growth we wish to call your attention to the following important items 1 time schedule line-up procedures ­ although school begins at 8:40 a.m all students are expected to be in school by 8:30 a.m children arriving in school after 8:40 a.m are considered late please cooperate by having your child arrive in school on time repeated lateness will impact on school grades 2 breakfast program children eating breakfast in school may enter the building beginning at 8:00 a.m the breakfast program is free to all children attending p.s 139 only those children eating breakfast may enter the building beginning at 8:00 a.m supervision of the children in the auditorium or school building begins each day at 8:30 a.m the children riding the school bus will be escorted to the school building when they arrive at the school children in grades k-5 will line-up in the school building kindergarten and grade 1 children will enter the building through the booth street entrance grades 2 through 5 will enter the building through the main entrance on wetherole street grade k will meet in the multi-purpose room grades 1 2 will meet in the lunchroom and grades 3 and 4 will meet in the auditorium grade 5 will meet in the gymnasium p.m dismissal areas are as follows kindergarten booth street exit 2:50 p.m grade 1 booth street exit closest to the lower yard 2:55 p.m grade 2 63rd drive closest to wetherole street 3:00 p.m grade 3 63rd drive closest to booth street 3:00 p.m grade 4 63rd drive closest to wetherole st 3:00 p.m grade 5 63rd drive closest to booth street 3:00 p.m stephanie lazarus assistant principal 3 class sessions monday ­ friday kindergarten 8:40 a.m to 2:50 p.m grade 1 8:40 a.m to 2:55 p.m grades 2 3 4 5 8:20 a.m to 3:00 p.m extended day program students begin school at 8:02 a.m on monday and tuesday only there is no extended day program on wednesday thursday and friday 4 preparation for school work it is imperative that students report to class ready to work 1 have at least two writing implements 2 have appropriate notebooks 3 have required textbooks please have them covered 4 come to school with homework completed 5 have your child bring his/her summer writing notebook 1

the success of our school program involves the participation and cooperation of students parents teachers and administrators all parties must be involved in the teaching-learning process if the high educational goals of p.s.139 are to be maintained the common core learning standards require rigorous and demanding work parents are urged to call or write to their child s teacher to arrange a conference if questions arise concerning any aspect of the school or class program do not wait until the parent-teacher conferences in november and march speak to your child to determine progress review notebooks homework test grades and of course the report card to prevent problems before they seriously affect student performance a good start to the school year is essential for success 5 lunch period every child must submit a lunch application if you are not interested in the school meals lunch program please write not interested and sign the application in black ink grade k 10:20 a.m 11:20 a.m grades 1 2 class k/1-206 class 2-215 grades 3 4 5 class 3-204 class 4/5-315 6 lateness children arriving after 8:40 a.m must get a late notice from the main office before they enter their class late notes are required from parents being late to school is a serious matter pupils who are consistently late will be referred to the attendance officer who will contact parents to determine why lateness occurred 7 leaving early if you are planning to pick up your child/children early a note should be sent to the teacher in the morning no child will be allowed to leave the school building with an adult unless they have been designated on the blue emergency card you must be 18 years old to pick a student up from school 8 pupil absences children need to be in school on a regular basis in order to improve learning outcomes plan your vacation around the school calendar vacations requiring a child to be absent from school are unauthorized or illegal absences these are strongly discouraged pupil illness is the primary reason a pupil may be absent from school on the first day of your child s absence please call the school between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m at 718 459-1044 to report the following information your name relationship to child child s name and class and the length of absence if known after an absence and on the first day back to school a note signed by a parent detailing the reason for the absence must be prepared sent with your child and given to the teacher if an absence is three days or longer a doctor s note is required failure to bring in notes for absences can result in a truant form sent to the bureau of attendance it must be remembered that pupil absences affect learning performance including class work and homework please note your child s permanent record will reflect all absences if your child sustains an injury causing your child to have a cast boot sling crutches etc you must present a doctor s note to the school the doctor s note must include the phrase child can return to school included in the letter must be the doctor s diagnosis and the statement of physical limitations if any for example no physical education 9 injury during recess if your child receives a scratch while playing during recess outside the school nurse will clean the scratch and apply a band-aid the administration or the school nurse will contact you at home or work the department of health nurse is not permitted to apply any antibiotic ointment or administer any medication unless appropriate 2 11:20 a.m 12:20 p.m 12:20 p.m 1:20 p.m.

paperwork and 504 forms have been completed by your child s pediatrician 10 moving please notify our office if you move we will need your new address and telephone number any child who moves out of the nyc school system during the school year must follow chancellor s regulations and speak to the administration 11 homework policy homework is part of the student s class work and should be completed each night if assignments are not completed this will be considered in evaluating and rating a pupil s performance on report cards parents should sign homework and test papers independent reading is an essential part of each reader s life we strongly encourage avid reading minimum homework kgn ­ grade 1 20 minutes grade 2 30 minutes grades 3 4 grades 5 45 minutes 60 minutes 12 report card policy nycdoe mandates 3 report cards be issued each year report cards are distributed in november march and june there is no first quarter report card for kindergarten in addition children should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes nightly please assist us by encouraging your child to join the public library and to read daily for pleasure 13 lunch program ­ lunch money is collected once a month only no money will be accepted after the lunch collection day notices will be sent home informing you of the lunch collection day and the dollar amount owed 14 37 ½ minute tutorial many students have been mandated to receive small group instruction before school from 8:02 a.m 8:39.5 a.m monday and tuesday only you were notified in june 2013 if your child would be in the extended day program for the upcoming school year these groups will provide the extra support your child needs in order to be successful your child may enter school at 7:30 a.m to have breakfast prior to the tutorial program or they may enter at 8:00 a.m for extended day only no breakfast your child will be picked up by their teacher for the morning tutorial at 8:02 a.m 15 curriculum conferences please note that curriculum conferences will begin the first week of school it is suggested that you attend these conferences to meet your child s teacher and to learn about the curriculum for the year this will ensure a successful year for your child parents play a critical role in the success and achievement of their child kindergarten class k/1-206 september 9th 1:30 p.m th grade 1 september 11 8:50 a.m grade 2 september 12th 8:50 a.m th grade 3 september 13 8:50 a.m grade 4 and class 4/5-315 september 16th 8:50 a.m th grade 5 september 17 8:50 a.m 16 safety tips please read the safety rules listed below so that you can be assured of a safe trip to and from school a the corner is the safest place to cross b never cross in the middle of the street or from between parked cars c always obey the traffic lights d cross the street briskly and keep your eyes open and your mind alert e watch for turning cars while crossing the street f even if the light is green in your favor look both ways before stepping off the curb 3

g watch for cars making a left turn h always go directly home when dismissed from school unless you have your parent s permission to go elsewhere all students must be supervised by an adult in the playground after school yours truly monica powers-meade principal 4

93-06 63 drive rego park ny 11374 718 459-1044 718 997-8639 fax public school 139q rd monica powers-meade principal stephanie lazarus assistant principal 2013­2014 school year calendar date day september 9 monday september 10 tuesday october 14 monday november 5 tuesday november 11 monday november 14 thursday november 18 monday through november 22 friday november 28 thursday and november 29 friday december 23 monday through and including january 1 wednesday january 20 monday february 17 monday through february 21 friday march 11 tuesday april 14 monday through april 22 tuesday may 26 monday june 3 tuesday june 5 thursday june 9 monday june 26 thursday holiday ­ school closed first day of school early dismissal for kindergarten students only second day of school first full day for kindergarten students columbus day observed schools closed election day schools closed for students veteran s day observed schools closed parent teacher conferences afternoon evening half-day for students open school week thanksgiving recess schools closed winter recess including christmas and new year s day schools closed ­ students return to school on thursday january 2 2014 dr martin luther king jr day schools closed midwinter recess schools closed including washington s birthday and lincoln s birthday parent/teacher conferences afternoon evening half-day for students spring recess including good friday easter and passover schools closed ­ students return to school on wednesday april 23 memorial day observed schools closed half-day for students chancellor s conference day schools closed for students half-day for students last day of school half-day for students attendance is critical to your child s success please plan your vacations according to the school year calendar breakfast and lunch menus http www.opt-osfns.org/schoolfood/schoolfood/menusdailydisplay.aspx half-day dismissal times kindergarten 11:50 a.m grade 1 11:55 a.m grades 2 ­ 5 12:00 p.m.

dear p.s 139 families we have some breaking news we d like to share with you it s going out to all of our p.s 139 families and staff members including many of our incoming kindergarten families it has been a challenging but amazing year we d like to thank our p.s 139 families and our wonderful staff for making p.s 139 a place where everyone wants to learn grow and be the best that we aspire to be we reach for the stars because we are stars we re looking forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school which is monday september 9th the regular school day begins at 8:40 a.m the extended day program has changed and will be on mondays and tuesdays extended day morning tutorial will begin at 8:02 a.m on monday and tuesday extended day students have received a letter on the first day only kindergarten students will attend from 9 a.m ­ 12:00 p.m beginning september 10th kindergarten students will follow the regular schedule free breakfast is served daily for all p.s 139 students regular school hours monday through friday 8:40 a.m to 2:50 p.m kindergarten 8:40 a.m to 2:55 p.m grade 1 8:40 a.m to 3:00 p.m grade 2 5 free breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m new extended day schedule ­ grades 1-5 monday and tuesday beginning monday september 9th 8:02 a.m ­ 8:39.5 a.m free breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m on monday and tuesday on september 9th students in grades 1-5 will line up in the upper school yard beginning at 8:30 a.m weather permitting students in extended day will enter on wetherole street at 7:50 a.m or 7:30 a.m if they would like the free breakfast additional details will be sent to you at a later date again thank you for a wonderful year and remember to contact us if have any questions or concerns read relax and enjoy the summer sincerely monica powers-meade principal

regular school hours at p.s 8:40 a.m 3:00 p.m school hours kindergarten 8:40 a.m ­ grade 1 8:40 a.m ­ grades 2 ­ 5 8:40 a.m ­ extended day hours monday tuesday 8:02 a.m ­ 8:39.5 a.m 139q 2:50 p.m 2:55 p.m 3:00 p.m for students participating in the extended day program 37 1/2 minutes there is no extended day on wednesday,thursday friday breakfast program monday ­ friday 8:00 a.m extended day breakfast program ­ monday,tuesday 7:30 a.m first day of school thursday september 9 2013 last day of school thursday june 26 2014

kindergarten booth street ramp grade 1 booth street lower school yard ramp grade 2 grade 3 grade 4 grade 5 wetherole street 63 r d drive booth street 63 r d drive wetherole street 63 r d drive booth street 63 r d drive

monica powers-meade principal public school 139q 93-06 63rd drive rego park ny 11374 718 459-1044 718 997-8639 fax june 2013 dear incoming kindergarten family from the desk of nina lipton parent coordinator cell phone 347-563-4461 e-mail nlipton@schools.nyc.gov stephanie lazarus assistant principal welcome to all of you who are new to our school my name is nina lipton and i am the parent coordinator for p.s 139q my role is to support and involve you the parent community in your child s education i am here to answer your questions and assist you with school matters in september i will be sending you important information regarding ways we can build a strong partnership between your home your school and your community during the upcoming summer months i will be providing you with information about events in our community and throughout our wonderful city my only means of communicating with you during the summer months is via cell phone or e-mail you can contact me by leaving a voice mail at 347-563-4461 or by e-mailing me at nlipton@schools.nyc.gov at the bottom of this letter there is a tear-off to join our school s e-mail group i urge you to complete the form and return it to me today or e-mail me directly with the information requested on the tear-off many important notices about events taking place here at p.s 139q during the school year are sent via e-mail and by flyers in your child s backpack any questions or concerns you have can be addressed quickly using this means of communication please take the time to complete the tear-off and return it to school as soon as possible i look forward to the exciting school year ahead and to our partnership in education i ll see you in september and will communicate with you via e-mail throughout the summer have a safe and fun-filled summer with your family sincerely nina lipton parent coordinator return to nina lipton parent coordinator e-mail group kindergarten 2013-2014 please print clearly child s name parents name e-mail address phone numbers home cell i have a computer in my home i have access to the internet by initialing the box below i authorize p.s 139 to share my email address with the parents association please share my e-mail address with the parents association

what to expect and when to expect it every month at p.s 139 meetings events meet the principal parents association lap pbis safety school leadership team school wellness committee student of the month assemblies other locations cec at d28 ­ sutphin blvd ccse location advised monthly pep locations advised monthly president s council d28-sutphin blvd workshops collaborative book club walking to stay fit what s on your plate workshops are always added

what to expect and when to expect it september curriculum conferences visit the classroom meet the principal october aris acuity ws common core ws living a writer s life ws middle school choice ws mask making ws halloween parade grades k-1 november thanksgiving craft ws open school week parent/teacher conferences report cards grades 1-5 thanksgiving recess

what to expect and when to expect it december scholastic book fair holiday craft ws holiday concert winter recess january ais begins kindergarten admission period for children born in 2009 report cards science fair project ws lunar new year craft workshop lunar new year parade title iii esl parent workshop february midwinter recess march biography day grade 2 math in action nys ela math ws parent teacher conferences report cards school surveys

what to expect and when to expect it april nys ela test nys math test nyseslat speaking spring recess may health workshop international festival nyseslat speaking nyseslat listening reading writing nys science performance test june grade 5 graduation kindergarten orientation for incoming students kindergarten moving up nys science written test report cards senior trip dance

public school 139q 93-06 63rd drive rego park ny 11374 718 459-1044 718 997-8639 fax monica powers-meade principal please read carefully september 9 2013 dear parent/guardian attached you will find two 2 emergency home contact cards the blue card this card contains vital contact information for the school to use if your child is sick or in the event of an early dismissal a separate card must be completed for each of your children attending ps 139q please follow these instructions when completing the cards 1 print all information on both cards 2 complete all spaces on the cards and include several phone numbers 3 list at least three 3 adults authorized to pick up your child from school in the event of an early dismissal each adult you authorize to pick up your child should be at least 18 years old be available to pick up your child at any time during the day live close to the school in order to pick up your child as quickly as possible know that he/she must come to the school with photo identification to pick up your child 4 please make sure that all contact phone numbers listed on the card including cell phone numbers are up-to-date and fully activated 5 make sure your children knows the names of the adults you have listed on the card and that he/she your child has your permission to leave school with these adults 6 remember if any of the contact information changes you must submit new cards to the school as soon as possible 7 the two cards should contain exactly the same information ­ we require duplicate copies please return these cards to school as soon as possible but no later than tuesday september 10th if you have any questions or need additional cards please contact the school at the telephone number above remember if any information on the blue card changes you must contact the school for new cards thank you in advance for your cooperation and for your continued support of our school programs sincerely monica powers-meade principal stephanie lazarus assistant principal

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Cost of Kindergarten - Education Expenses

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Offered by both public and private schools, kindergarten is generally an introduction to a formal school setting for five-year-olds, to prepare them for starting first grade. Traditionally students attended half-day programs (about three hours), but many schools are moving toward full-day programs (about six hours) that match the school's elementary class schedule.

  • Public schools typically provide a free half-day kindergarten program (about three hours) for district residents. Although some provide a full-day program (about six hours) for free, others charge full-day tuition of $1,000-$5,000 or more for 10 months (September to May). (Federal funding typically makes full-day kindergarten at public schools free to children from homeless or economically disadvantaged families.)
  • For example, both Rockford Public Schools [1 ] in Illinois and Bellingham Public Schools [2 ] in Washington offer full-day kindergarten programs at no cost to district families. Denver Public Schools [3 ] in Colorado offers half-day kindergarten for free, while the full-day program is $310 a month or $3,100 a year for Denver residents and $365 a month($3,650 annually) for non-residents; full-day tuition for disadvantaged families is paid by federal funding.
  • Private school kindergarten annual tuition can cost $3,000-$34,000 or more, depending on the length of the school day, the teacher-pupil ratio and the reputation of the school. For example, for full-day kindergarten St. Boniface School [4 ] in Fort Smith, AR charges $2,990 for children of St. Boniface parishioners and $5,339 for non-parishioners. Kindergarten tuition is $18,610 at the Swain School [5 ] in Allentown, PA.
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What should be included:

  • Typical objectives include developing the student's self esteem and confidence in a classroom setting; learning social, emotional and study skills; and practicing cooperation, patience and problem-solving. Scholastic.com lists the elements of a good kindergarten program [6 ] .
  • Kindergarten is optional in some states and mandatory in others. The National Center for Education Statistics charts kindergarten requirements by state [7 ] in 2011.
  • Whether a public school charges tuition for full-day kindergarten varies from district to district; StrategiesForChildren.org provides a map of full-day kindergarten tuition rates in Massachusetts [8 ] in 2011-2012, with most communities providing free full-day kindergarten.
Additional costs:
  • It averages $2.08 to buy a public school lunch or $3.42 to bring a bag lunch, according to the School Nutrition Association. Low-income students may qualify for free or reduced-price 40 cents maximum) lunches. Some private schools include the cost of lunch in the tuition, or there may be an annual charge of $25-$1,000 or more. The Swain School [9 ] in Allentown, PA has a $745 annual kindergarten lunch fee.
  • Public schools typically provide free bus service for low-income students but other students may have to buy an annual bus pass for $100-$325 or more. Jeffco Public Schools [10 ] in Colorado charges $150-$200 per child to ride a bus to school, or a half-day kindergarten pass costs $75-$100 .
  • Parent may be responsible for providing transportation to a private school; or it can cost $300-$2,000 or more. For example, Ravenscroft [11 ] in Raleigh, NC charges annual bus fees of $360-$1,750, depending on the student's location.
  • For working parents, before and after school care can cost $100-$500 or more a month at public schools (although it might be free for low-income students) or $300-$800 or more monthly at private schools.
  • Some private schools charge a one-time-only "new family" capital fee of $1,000-$2,000 or more as a contribution to ongoing facility maintenance/improvement for families enrolling a child in the school for the first time. For example, Fort Worth Christian School [12 ] in Texas has a $1,500 new family fee.
  • Many private schools offer a sibling discount for multiple students from the same family. For example, Saint Joseph Academy [13 ] in Bogota, NJ charges standard tuition of $7,980 for the one child, $11,760 for two children and $17,320 for three; or for parents who participate in specified fund-raising and school-support activities, $4,100 for one child, $6,500 for two and $7,560 for three.
  • In some circumstances, kindergarten tuition might quality for an income tax credit [14 ] .
Shopping for kindergarten:
  • Most schools hold an open house just before starting kindergarten enrollment; or contact the school and ask for a guided tour. The National Association for the Education of Young Children lists the top 10 signs of a good kindergarten classroom [15 ] and TeachersandFamiles.com discusses how to decide between half- and full-day kindergarten [16 ] .
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