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Believe Dream Inspire Essay Ideas For Kids

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When Lauren came up with the idea for each of us to create an inspiration board with our favorite playroom ideas for kids . I couldn’t wait to get started!

One of our running jokes in the school where we work is the “In Your Dreams Preschool”, a magical fantasy place that we dream of whenever we don’t have quite the right space, equipment, or materials to do what we want to do with our kids. It’s the preschool/school that we imagine having someday when one of us wins the lottery.

So today, I get to create my “In Your Dreams Playroom”! Oh how I would love to have an awesome playroom space like this for my boys – maybe someday…

I knew I would have trouble narrowing down my options (and sure enough, it was a struggle!). But I finally came up with my final 6 favorites – the things I would use to create the playroom of my dreams!

1 || Pompom Rug – This thing is just plain awesome. It’s like a super-soft sensory ball pit sent from heaven. I can just imagine stretching out on this amazing rug and reading to my kids. Actually no. We would just roll around on it…all.day.long. And, if anyone writes to the designer to inquire about the rug, would you mind asking if the duck comes with it too? Because I would also really like a duck in my playroom. Just saying.

2 || Indoor Teepee – I’m in love with this cute little play teepee for kids. Both of my boys (and many other kids) need to have a nice quiet space where they can go and calm down when they’re feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated, and this is way more fun than having rest time in bed! A great option for kids who need a break from auditory and visual input from time to time.

3 || Art Station – To me, no play space would be complete without a good little space to sit down and create! There is all kinds of great fine motor and visual motor work to be done here. I love all of the storage in this one, plus – it looks like a cute little architect’s table!

4 || Rockopotamus – This awesome rocking toy from Cedar Works (one of the coolest companies for kids playsets and playground equipment) is perfect for inspiring cooperative play while providing kids with a healthy dose of vestibular input . Plus, it’s called the Rockopotamus. So cute. It’s huge. And it’s meant for outdoor use. But it’s my dream playroom and I can break the rules if I want to.

5 || Sensory Table – A sensory table is another one of my playroom must-haves. There are SO many options for tactile play with a table like this – water, sand, dry rice or beans. The sky’s the limit!

6 || Climbing Cargo Net – I’ve always wanted some kind of climbing wall or ladder in our house – this one is perfect. Such a great opportunity for kids to get vestibular and proprioceptive input while working on strength and balance !

So there you have it! The playroom of my dreams! What do you think? What are some of your favorite playroom ideas for kids? Share them in the comments below or give us a shout on Facebook !

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Inspirational Poems - To Inspire Family and Friends

Inspirational Poems

This section contains inspirational poems that are meant to inspire you, your family, and friends. Feel free to come back to them, during those moments in your life, when you feel like you need to be inspired. Hope they help.

This first poem is meant to inspire anyone of us.

It talks about being strong enough to pick ourselves up during difficult times.

If we learn to get through the tough times, and embrace failure, there's nothing that will stop us from achieving our dreams, whatever they may be.

Life is beautiful. If we decide to live our lives with a positive attitude, then life will be so much more enjoyable. Our eyes and hearts will also be open to opportunities.

I hope these verese inspire you and your loved ones, and may you always find new treaures of inspiration as you journey through the valley of life.

Let's never give in,
to complaints nor fear.
With our eyes on our goals,
the right direction we steer.

No matter the circumstances,
with great effort we should always try.
We must pick ourselves up,
when we get bruised and we cry.

Opportunities are plentiful,
let's just open our eyes.
Our dreams we shall nurture,
as we stare to the skies.

The trick is to create value,
that's honest and real.
By following our passions,
in our hearts, we shall feel.

If we never hold back,
and just give it our all.
No challenge or obstacle,
shall ever be tall.

Inspirational Poem About Life

Here's an inspirational poem that talks about life. It is meant to remind us that life never travels down a straight or smooth path. There will always be obstacles, and we just need to learn from these bumps in the road. By doing so, we'll be better prepared for our journey ahead.

The path in your life,
may never be straight.
Contain bumps and curves,
where many are great.

Your personal experiences,
have shaped who you are.
Embrace your mistakes,
and each unique scar.

There's always new things,
in life we may learn.
With every page,
and chapter we turn.

There's just one simple,
but very important rule.
Your passion for life,
should be used as your fuel.

Personally, I just think it is super important for each of us to live life based on our individual values.

If we do this, we won't be fighting against the grain, and things will come naturally to us.

Whether it's a home, work, or play, if we, "choose", to fill our lives with the things we love, we'll be happy.

I'm a strong believer in anything is possible. If we want something bad enough, we can make it our reality.

This may include, love, a new job, children, a new house, inner peace, friendship.

All we have to do is set our minds and pursue our goals passionately and intelligently.

Inspirational Poem for Women

The following inspirational poem is dedicated to all the women of the world. Based on today's stats, this poem is dedicated to approximately, 3.5 billion women. I hope a lot of them get a chance to read it, and I hope it inspires them.

She looked in the mirror,
what did she see?
A woman that's happy,
peaceful and free.

For the first time in her life,
she felt in total control.
Knew she could reach,
any passionate goal.

She did not forget,
the path that she took.
With ups and downs,
like any good book.

She nodded and smiled,
as she found her own light.
Her eyes were wide open,
with acknowledging delight.

Those around her,
repeatedly asked how.
Her answer was simply,
about acting right now.

She wasn't competing,
but was rather unique.
Adventures in life,
she'd continue to seek.

Inspirational Poem for Kids

Enjoy sharing the following inspirational poem for kids with all the wonderful children in your life. The poem is intended to inspire children to believe in their dreams and themselves.

Imaginations, Dreams, and Passions

You have many talents,
of that I am sure.
Your dreams are beautiful,
innocent and pure.

Use your imagination,
to learn and explore.
Just like a bird,
you'll be able to soar.

You're still very young,
and have some much ahead.
Your love for life,
may you joyously spread.

The paths that you choose,
I'll support and believe.
If you commit in your mind,
you shall definitely achieve.

Remember to smile,
each morning and day.
Feed your mind with books,
and body through play.

Don't pay attention,
to trends or mere fashions.
Use your heart and imagination,
to follow dreams and your passions.

I think it's a great idea to constantly encourage and inspire children. We need to inspire them to try new activities, and things outside of their comfort zone. This will help them find new passions and interests that may last a lifetime.

Inspiring young children will also provide them with the much needed confidence that they may use in their everyday lives. A great way to inspire young minds is by taking the time to listen to them, and let them know that we believe in them.

Inspirational Poem for Friends

Here's an inspirational poem that you may share with your friends. Once in a while all of us need a little bit of inspiration in our lives, especially our friends.

I'm truly fortunate,
dear close friend of mine.
You have a personality,
that just seems to shine.

You clearly possess,
a deep inner drive.
When I'm around you,
I feel so alive.

Your work ethic and attitude,
are characteristics ideal.
They will help make,
your dreams become real.

Don't forget about,
everything you've achieved.
From the very beginning,
In you my dear friend
- I truly believed.

I hope you enjoyed reading the inspirational poems on this page.

May they inspire you and those in your life, to live passionately and freely.

I hope you find the courage and excitement from within you, to pursue your passions and dreams, and live your ideal life.

I also hope you find inspiration from the people in your life that mean a lot to you.

Best of luck,

5 Ways To Help Your Children Turn Their Dreams Into Reality - Pick the Brain

5 Ways To Help Your Children Turn Their Dreams Into Reality

I love working with children. Unlike adults, their dreams have no ceiling. It’s inspiring to listen to their goals and ideas.Children start dreaming at an early age. They think about their future career, their wealth, their education, and so on. And their dreams can be huge.

As far as careers go, some will choose the typical police officer, fire fighter, or doctor. Others will choose Astronaut, Olympian, or President. If we’re talking about wealth, some will aspire to simply “have money.” Others will seek a business empire or the ability to retire at age 40 or younger.

As parents, we have more control over whether our children achieve their dreams than we might think. For kids, parents are inspiration, motivation, and leadership.

You might think that your child’s dreams are unrealistic. That’s the negative adult inside you. You should believe in your child because they believe in themselves; and you’re probably the only other support they have.

All that’s left to discuss is the how:

1. Don’t Deny Their Dreams

Children dream big; that’s what’s great about them. When you were a child you dreamed big (assuming you’re human).

Many of you probably didn’t realize the dreams you had and therefore feel your children won’t either. If that’s the case, shut up about it.

Your child’s dreams aren’t about you. As far as kids are concerned, anything is possible. And that’s how it should be. If you deny your children’s dreams, or their right to dream, you are undermining their chances of achievement.

Usually I make decisions based on probability rather than possibility. However, I can say that this is one case where we all need to think about possibility and throw probability completely out the window.

2. Don’t Get In The Way

If your children are going to realize their dream of being the first Astronaut to land on Mars, the last thing they need is you screwing things up.

Parents get in the way when they:

  • Deny their children’s dreams.
  • Control their children.
  • Don’t teach their children life skills.
  • Don’t provide a quality education.
  • Preach a negative view on life.

Your goal as a parent is to meet your parental obligations and provide a path toward success for your children to follow. If you cut off your children before they even get started, it doesn’t just crush them right now, it will negatively impact them in their adult life.

3. Set a Good Example

There is a saying that children “learn what they live and live out what they learn.” As parents, our children are always looking up to us. They are proud of what we do and they use our accomplishments as a standard.

Success and wealth are products of a process; anyone can achieve them. A child who grows up in a successful family will live around that process and adopt it in their own lives later on. It will be their standard.

Consequently, being poor an unsuccessful is also a process; anyone can be that person who never made it. A child who grows up in an unsuccessful family will likely adopt that process in their own lives later on. Poor and unsuccessful will be their standard.

In many ways, you are the key to your child’s success. While many children do grow up to adopt values and processes opposite from that of their family, you shouldn’t count on it for your children. Instead, do everything within your power to make sure they are being set up to succeed.

4. Help Them Take Action

As children grow and develop they’ll begin to show interest in many different things. They’ll start to give more attention to certain things that really interest them, some of which will turn into dreams.

If your goal is to help your children achieve these dreams, you should show them how and help lead the way.

But for goals that are so far off and often so magnificent, how do we even start to provide guidance?

Have Them Write Down Their Dream. Writing down the dream allows them to see the idea in the first steps of fabrication and helps them stay accountable to their goal.

Research Their Dream. The more they learn about their dream, the more realistic it becomes. Research will also give them important information on what they’ll need in order to turn the dream into reality.

Make A Timeline For Achievement. Setting a date for achievement of a goal helps keep you focused. For children, the goal could be, “within 5 years after I graduate college”, or, “before I turn 16.”

Develop a Plan of Action. How do you plan on achieving your goal? What steps are you going to take? What education or special skill do you need to accomplish your goal?

Focus, Intensity, and Perseverance. The first step is to get focused. We’re going to bring intensity into the equation, but wild intensity will only get us running in circles. Focused intensity is the fuel that drives people to achieve.

Perseverance is the extra push you need to be able to give yourself when things start to slow down (or seem like they’re slowing down). A dream without perseverance is simply a “once was.”

Play Games. Develop games or challenges that allow your children to make small achievements. Or simply ask them if they have any smaller dreams or goals that they want to accomplish sooner and use these things as teaching tools.

If children can achieve on a small scale, they’ll learn two important things:

  1. Achieving on a large scale is possible.
  2. The process of achieving (motivation, organization, intensity, and determination) works.

The importance of this process isn’t really about the initial dream. It’s about teaching children how to achieve anything. Achieving is a process of motivation, organization, intensity, and determination. We want them to learn the process so that even if their dreams change, their chances of success do not.

5. Show Your Support

Children have their own internal motivation just as we all do. But internal motivation alone shouldn’t be the only thing driving them.

Not only is your motivation important to their success, it’s important to them emotionally. They care what you think. You’re mom. You’re dad. You’re Superman and Superwoman.

If you’re on their side, anything is possible. If you give the green light, they’re stepping on the gas. And when times get tough they’re going to come to you for support.

Be a haven of positive thoughts and outlooks, provide support without offering unsolicited advice, and help them persevere when they’re looking down.

If you do these things, your children can do or be whatever they dream…

This was a guest post by Kevin Geary fromChange Your Tree. Kevin is also the author of TheGood Parent’s Guide to Teaching Your Children How to Retire Young and Wealthy.Images byCarf,NASAandCaroand Phitar .

Inspire Good DREAMS: DIY Dream Jar - A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Inspire Good DREAMS: DIY Dream Jar

Little M has nightmares. Oh boy does she have nightmares. For week long stretches she will wake up screaming for me in the middle of the night…every night. On one of our frequent library trips I found The Dream Jar by Lindan Lee Johnson and Serena Curmi.

In the book, the dream jar holds small pieces of paper, each one a memory or hope that can take the main character out of her bad dream and plop her smack dab in the middle of a good dream. (You can read more about my review of this and other good dream books here .) By the end of the book we knew exactly what we had to do.

Little M must have a dream jar of her very own!

How to Make Your Own Dream Jar

What you need: paper, crayons, good dream ideas, an ohh so fancy container to hold the dreams.

On the day we made the dream jar, Little M and I read The Dream Jar again. While we went through the morning we talked about what types of drawings she would put in her dream jar to inspire good dreams. We remembered some of the very best experiences she’s had and talked about what fun things she hopes for in the future. By the time we sat down to draw, we already had a long list of good dream ideas.

I wanted this art activity to feel extra special so we found a quiet spot in her room and set up her play tent. I used a cookie sheet to give Little M a hard surface. We cut small pieces of paper and started drawing.

By then end we had a large stack of dreams. Some were made by Little M, and some made by me. While we worked she insisted that this dream jar would hold dreams for both of us… but I would need to come to her if I suddenly awoke in the middle of the night. I suppose she is the keeper of the dreams!

Next on the list… a jar to hold the dreams. For the picture I found a cute, clear, plastic container. Little M made a different selection and it was no surprise to me. She has a love for empty tissue boxes. Whatever container you choose for your dream jar, just remember if you want your little dreamer to have it close to them at night glass may not be the best choice.

We had a great time talking about each picture as we placed it into her new dream jar. Little M carefully chose a place for her Dreams and believe it or not we both enjoyed an interpreted night of sleep. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Tips (to maximize learning): 1. Pull a dream out of the jar before going to bed and talk about it for a while so that it is fresh on your little one’s mind before they drift off to sleep. 2. Let your little one draw most of the pictures, encourage them to tell you about their drawings.

Questions (to ask your kids): “Can you think of a time when you were happy? What were you doing?” “Draw a picture of a person or thing you love.” “How can you use the dream jar to help you in the middle of the night?”

Are bad dreams ever a problem at your house? What fun ways have you found to switch them to good dreams?

This DIY Dream Jar originally appeared May 24, 2011.

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My adopted kids have some terrible memory related dreams, so we will definitely give this a whirl. Anything to give them peace in their own heads. We have done an anti-worry jar and that has been effective. We listed the worries and them put a superhero (dino for my boy and fairy princess for my girl, their choices!) solution to banish it away. If we have a worry we can look in the jar or our heads for the superhero to see what we do about it. I hadn’t considered doing a dream one, I think I thought that the anti-worry jar (ka-pow) would fix all ailments.

I love the superhero jar. Such a creative way to teach kids how to face their worries and handle them (with a little superhero help.) Thanks for sharing.

Cool idea. I have somewhere read about the monster liquid to get rid of monsters for kids who can’t sleep due to fear of monsters…:-)

now this dream jar is yet another cool idea to boost some imagination and also helps in sound sleep too…thanks for sharing.

Inspiring Garden Designs For Kids Ideas

Inspiring Garden Designs For Kids Ideas

Garden Design Ideas For Kids

Hello, Garden Designs For Kids included in Gallery section is our trending post this month. Posted by our administrator. This topic has many best selected image photos about Garden Designs For Kids. If you hunting for references related with Garden Designs For Kids, we believe this article can bring you an inspiration for your purpose.

Inspiring Garden Designs For Kids Ideas Image Gallery

Garden Design Ideas For Kids

Backyard Garden Ideas

Dreams And Wishes Garden Play

Some Gardens Had Small Houses In

Unique Gardening Activities

Posted in Category. Gallery on March 6, 2016

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