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Vacations To Remember Essay About Myself

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TOEFL� essay: Some people belive that students should be given one long vacation

TOEFL� essay: Some people belive that students should be given one long vacation

hello. im preparing for the TOEFL. Can somebody check my writing and leave some commen on the essay please :arrow:

Some people belive that students should be given one long vacation each year. Others belive that students should have several short vacations throughtout the year. Which viewpoint do you agree with. Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Nowadays education plays a big role in a humons life. The better knowledge base you have the better you you will be able to find. Therefore, it is very iportant to have effective education system in order to make the learning process interesting and wishful for students. That�s why, in my opinion, students should be given several short vacations throughtout the year. Ill give you some few reasons that streagthen my point of view.
Who are the students? Usually, the are young blood who just started to experiment the real life full of happiness and drama. Everybody remember themselves at that age, im sure.
Where do people get knowledge? At school/college/university which provides students a huge amount of information that can be seemed impossible for understanding for someone, by the by, and in hence, make students overstres. I remember myself at school when I had problems with mathmatics and geometry. I got bored of learnig process and felt upset. I studied all day long after school, spent a lot of time doing homework and additional exercises but still couldn�t get a clue deeply. Then I decided to have a rest for oe week and go to visit my grandmother to the village. So when I came back everything seem very easy to me. My brain was fresh and clear. This is my experience that shows how is it useful to get a rest for couple of days, especially when you are overstressed.
Also, many people attend well-known college or university from other cities or even countries in order to get better education, new experience, career preporation. In this case, a short vacation is a chance to go back to their mothertown to met with relatives and friends. Only students whose home and place where the study are not in the same city will understandhow is it important to see parents, to get some advice, warm, tenderness, and moneyed assistance as well.
Moreover,a short repose can be a good time for self-developing, spacially. to analyse mistakes, problems were made before; to summarize the information was gotten from shool/college/ university; to read the books were recommened by academic.
From all above, I strongly belive that several short vacations throughtout the year can bring a tolerable results as a rising students activity after spending a good time with their family, friends, doing some self-developing work. Now, with a new positive energy, is the time to learn more about the world!

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PPT - About myself PowerPoint Presentation

About myself PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Hello. my name is OfekReuven. I’m 13 years old. I have many hobbies. my hobbies are: play on the computer, watch movies, meet friends, to travel and swim.

1) My favorite computer games are: Gta and Need for speed

2) My favorite movies are: The Way and Fast and the Furious 5

  • 3) My favorite food is: Shawarma, pizza, pasta.
My Hobbies

My summer vacation

My summer vacation was amazing. To my birthday, Bar Mitzva, my parents took me to France, I very enjoyed there, I saw many beautiful views and I was at Dianeyland- Amusement Park of Paris and I was at Versailles palace. I traveled a lot in Israel too. I was at Tel meggido- an old city in the bible and I was at Be’erSheva, Jerusalem and I was too at BeitJann, and I stayed there 4 days, and I traveled there, after that I saw how people make the honey and oil, I went to the I Susanne, and I rode on a horse and a camel. It was so fun there. We traveled with friends of my family and I really had fun. I was many times in the swimming pool too. I had a lot of fun this summer vacation 

I have many good friends in my school and I have many friends that close to my family and I meet them and we go together to movies, swimming pool, we play together games in the computer and we travel together sometimes. My friends very expensive to me and I try to keep in touch with them all the time however I can because they are an important part from my life.

About my friends

What I learned from this work

I learned from this work a lot. I Improved my Vocabulary. I learned a new words and it was so fun to remember all the fun I has in my summer vacation and it was nice to tell about myself. The work with a use at presentation was really nice.

To the teacher-Feedback

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My Vacation Experience Essay Research Paper Plane

My Vacation Experience Essay Research Paper Plane

My Vacation: Experience Essay, Research Paper

Plane tickets in hand, my possible girlfriend and I embark on our first vacation to Cozumel, Mexico during the summer of 2000. I had known her for about 7 months and during that time i had grown very fond of her. Our relationship began to blossom and that in the near future we would begin to grow even closer. Boy, was I wrong. We both needed a break from our stress filled lives and i was hoping I could help her overcome whatever tragedy happened in her life because i didn’t understand why she was depressed most of the time. She had told me about a few things that had transpired between her and her parents but it just didn’t explain all of her emotional problems. Most of the plane ride there was spent bartering with the flight attendants for tasty beverages. She looked out the window with longing eyes. Her eyes seem to say so much and yet, so very little. I didn’t quite understand what was missing from her life, but I would soon grasp the emense pain.

The plane soon arrived in Cozumel. We were ushered like cattle through customs. Our baggage was taken by Miguel, a three-foot Mexican

We arrived at hotel Paradisus. Paradise, what more could you ask for. Truth be known, I don’t think that there is such a place or thing. It’s jsut a simple concept we all hope for,but never achieve. We spent that night walking along the beach and talking. She said very little, but I still enjoyed her being my my side. I never in my wildest dreams imagined myself with such a beautiful girl in such a perfect place. I couldn’t have been happier, but all good things must come to an end. The next day was spent with fun-filled activites. She of course had located the many bars at our hotel. We had purchases the all-inclusive package. She received alcohol, and I received activities. I tried to limit her drinking, but had no success. We made it through the day of snorkeling, horse-back riding, and swimming. I remember actually sitting for two hours while she sat and painted a ceramic frog. She of course was drunk and refused to be alone. I sat quietly and endured because even then I knew I loved her. The afternoon drew in and we dressed for dinner. We decided to take a walk along the beach before we ate.

My Summer Vacation Essay Research Paper Some

My Summer Vacation Essay Research Paper Some

My Summer Vacation Essay, Research Paper

Some people are lucky enough to have already experienced an event in their lives that completely overshot any expectations. When my friends first started talking about going on a senior trip, I never could have dreamed about how much fun it would be. Some people may think of a senior trip as a time to spend with their friends before everyone scatters to different schools. To me, it will always be considered as one of the best times in my life.

My friends and I decided to take a senior trip last summer. For months the trip was the topic of every conversation we had. Normally, seniors look forward to the prom and graduation, but I couldn?t wait for the trip.

In the middle of June, my friends and I finally said goodbye to our boring hometown and set flight for South Padre Island, Texas. This trip was the first taste of freedom for many of my friends and I. We were on our own. There were no parents or curfews. It was just absolute freedom.

After two long plane rides, we finally arrived at our destination. After everyone picked up his or her bags from the luggage claim, we got to step outside into the blistering Texas sun. By this time, everyone was ready to go to the beach and relax, but we still had to take a thirty-minute long shuttle to the condos.

The atmosphere on the bus seemed to explode as we passed through the small towns on the way to South Padre. After the long day of traveling, we knew we were just minutes away. Then all of a sudden, the scenery turned from cactuses and big open plains to this giant mass of water with beaches as far as the eye could see. Everyone stared out of the windows until the driver yelled to us that we were there.

We had three condos reserved for eight people in each. I was worried that there wouldn?t be enough room for all of us, but when one of my friends turned the key to the condo and I stepped inside, I couldn?t believe how big it really was.

Each condo had four huge bedrooms with a television. Also, each had a kitchen equipped with everything you would need, such as an oven, microwave, refrigerator, and a breakfast nook. The living room had a mini bar, and a balcony that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico. Mirrors surrounded the dining room, which really was a sight to see.

I was totally taken by surprise because all I saw before the trip was a little brochure that briefly described the condos and the local attractions. For the first time in the four years I knew my friends, everybody was getting along. I can?t remember ever feeling so close to them.

After everyone unpacked and got something to eat, we all met on the beach as the sun was setting on this long day. Most of the afternoons I spent on the beach or at the pool recovering from the night before. Occasionally, I would join my friends in a game of sand football or toss a Frisbee around with them. After a day of boogie boarding, I was so sunburnt that I could barely move my arms. I had to dump almost a gallon of aloe on my back and arms just so I could sit in a chair. I suffered through a day of dreadful pain before I started to peel. Then I was back to the beach and the waves.

Some of my friends spent hundreds of dollars on souvenirs. Others got body piercing or tattoos to remember the trip. The most memorable and terrifying experience I had on the trip was when I went bungee jumping. At first, I wasn?t going to do it. I?ll admit, I was scared, but I knew that it was a chance of a lifetime. If I didn?t do it, I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life. So I made the choice to do it.

This was no ordinary jump though; it was the second highest in the United States. After the instructor strapped me up, I had to sit and wait for my turn. Everyone around me was shaking. That was when I noticed I was shaking too. All of a sudden, I heard someone call out my name. At that moment, my mind went blank. I don?t remember stepping onto the crane, but somehow I was on it and it slowly started to rise. On the way up, the instructor started telling me what to do after jumping, but I didn?t understand a single word he said. A sudden jolt shook me as the crane came to a stop. I looked down, barely recognizing my friends as they yelled words encouraging me.

When I stepped to the edge of the crane, I looked down at the little air cushion that supposable would save me if my cord would break. I finally realized how high I really was. The instructor counted down from three and I dove headfirst from a crane elevated one hundred and fifty feet. Within seconds it was over and I was back on solid ground. I had survived and was left with a life time memory that was more priceless than any souvenir I could have bought.

Eight days seems like a long time when planning a vacation, but I only wish it hadn?t go by so fast. The day we had to leave seemed like forever. The shuttle back to the airport and the plane ride seemed to be in slow motion. Everyone was quiet because they knew that the trip we had earned for four long years in high school was over. I just consider myself lucky for being able to spend a week in a great place with friends I?ll never forget.