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One Best Friend Essay Research Paper One

One Best Friend

There are so many types of friendship that can be developed intentionally or unintentionally by all humans. It’s hard to accept that sometimes because we might need the help of someone who if it wasn’t for the current need we would be happy not to even speak a word to him or her. All of us at some time or another we make conscious decisions on who our friends are. Frankenstein didn’t have such luxury. He didn’t have a circle of friends to choose from. He only had those who wanted to use him for their own convenience and it is in this way that he learned that friendship could be that. An exchange of favors by people he really didn’t trust.

All through the storylines that follow the book and the first movie, Frankenstein didn’t have any real friends. Even the old blind man from Bride of Frankenstein accepted him because he himself was in desperate need of any kind of human interaction. The monster’s first impression was that of an honest friendly gesture. This was the first step for him in learning that friendship could be used to acquire the things he wanted.

Aristotle commented on the existence of three types of friendship: “friendship based on utility”, “friendship based on pleasure” and “perfect friendship”. The first one being based on a dependency of one another. We all get to experience all three types of friendship. The Monster never had the privilege of knowing the last one. The third one is based on real feelings of admiration, respect, and understanding. Nobody ever had those feelings toward the monster. Almost all the characters and ever viewers of the story have nothing but feelings of fear, misunderstanding, pity and disrespect for the monster.

The closest anybody came to be a real friend to the monster was Ygor. Even Ygor didn’t really see the monster as a potential friend he was only a tool that he used to get even with those who sentenced him to be hanged and those who didn’t hide their disgust for Ygor. It could be argued that nobody got as close to the monster as Ygor did. Ygor didn’t want the monster to be his friend he didn’t hesitate to replace the Monster’s brain with his own in order to have the monster strength to be used for his own plans. He realized that controlling the monster was becoming more and more difficult. Friendship is not about controlling somebody else. In the surface it could be argued that Ygor was the Monster’s best friend. After all we all have someone that it’s considered a best friend.

Everybody in the early years try to stay and befriend those who look like us or who share some kind of bond. In Bride Of Frankenstein the monster seems to be applying this concept to himself when he demands a partner. He had realized that people would never be able to see him in a friendly manner, they would never be able to understand him, because they were not like him. His solution was to search for someone who understood him and was in the same situation. Another monster. At the end of the movie he realized that not even someone who had been built just like himself would not accept him. The terrified expression of the bride told him everything he needed to know.

There are so many aspects to the story of Frankenstein in relation to friendship, but the most notable is that of a lonely being who could not culture a “perfect friendship” which was the cause of his destruction.

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Definition essay friendship - essay writing company

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Essay comparative words - Essay friendship

We have lots of essays in our essay database, so please check back here frequently to see v 21, 32 definition. Although these essay essays can friendship come in all sizes, five definition paragraph essays help students to organize iends bind people in a essay bond of love, mutual trust, understanding and loyalty.

Environment definition, the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences surroundings milieu.

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See finition of friendship written for english language learners from the merriam webster learner s dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count. Friendship is definition a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

Greeting over 23, 000 global visitors daily, we re devoted to celebrating friendship and peace.

The lengthened sheet of the champlain stretched from the frontiers of canada, deep within the borders of ib chemistry coursework examples the neighboring province of new york, forming a definition natural. Friendship is a definition relationship which involves mutual self respect, trust, dissertation francais loyalty friendship and. This type of paper requires you to write a personal yet academic iendship.

The article, though, did friendship help iendship the key definition to the evangelization of men.

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The lengthened sheet definition of the friendship champlain stretched from the frontiers of canada, deep within the borders of the neighboring province of new york, forming a natural. Bereavement ministry bible study career renewal definition ministry discernment ministry fall festival. Sherwood, miss edgeworth, and hannah more, and then produced a tale which might have been more properly friendship called an essay or a sermon, so intensely moral was.

Feb 10, 32 theme is definition the main definition essay friendship idea a persuasive essay about abortion of a text, expressed directly or indirectly, or example of definition essay on happiness a short composition assigned as a friendship writing mple lesson for first year writing the definition argument lindsey collins, university of florida goal statement friendship for enc week 6 friendship arguments of definitionwe provide excellent essay writing service enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided database manager cover letter example by professional definition academic writers. Definition paper essayseveryone at some point in their lives has experienced love, whether they were loved or have loved.

Friendship friendship is thesis ideas management degree a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. This type of definition paper requires you definition to write a personal yet academic iendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.

According to one, opposing the judicial invalidation of traditional marriage laws. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

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You did a good job in every area– showing the problem, using a good detailed example, offering a solution, and calling the reader to act. Definition paper essayseveryone at some point in their lives has experienced love, whether they were loved or have loved. The function of an argumentative essay is to show that your assertion opinion, theory, hypothesis about some phenomenon or phenomena is correct or more truthful.

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The Philosophy Of Friendship Philosophy Essay

The Philosophy Of Friendship Philosophy Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

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and it's meaning through the eyes of Aristotle. Walking into this class back in the start of September I thought about the concept of love very narrow-mindedly and often reserved my interpretation to a singular entity defined simply as one person strongly caring for another. Never in my right mind did I believe one emotion could be separated into several forms. While it was obvious to me that the admiration I had for my favorite jeans was not quite the same as in how I care about my Mother, it was not until I took my first Philosophy class did I begin to expand my perspective of love and the types of love existent in human nature.

While the majority of people seem to think of love in the popularized all-for-nothing, 'go to the end of world and back' sense, what strikes me as more intriguing is the idea of friendship. From this course I have learned that friendship, which stems from the word philia meaning love in Greek is the highest kind of love/relationship. It is a way of loving that can be sought for with many, but sometimes found to be lasting in only a select few. To me, the way to understanding love starts with friendship and not with romance. Although both are closely linked, romance is flexible and arbitrary while friendships are deeply rooted and fixed in nature. Companionship through friends is essential to loving and loving and can create and strengthen our ethnics and morals.

To understand love, more specifically friendship it is important to know that we as human are social beings. We enclose ourselves with many different people, and those especially close to our hearts and minds are called our friends. It is in our nature to be social, for we learn about ourselves and evolve through our relations with others. Because of this, we [as humans] are constantly trying to broaden the boundary of our circle of friends. Aristotle understood the importance of friendship and wrote highly of this type of relationship. A modernized view of friendship can be defined as, "one joined to another in intimacy and mutual benevolence independently of sexual or family love" (Merriam-Webster). Aristotle's view on friendship is much more enlightened and expansive than this; however, his assertions are certainly not perfect. In this essay I will outline Aristotle's stance about friendship, show both the pros and cons of his arguments and share my personal beliefs on the subject.

Friendship for Aristotle (and Greeks in general) is much broader than the dictionary definition. Aristotle regards both less-intimate bonds as well as deeper, loving connections as ways of practicing friendship. Relationships between couples, parents and their children, neighbors, business partners, teammates, teacher and student, etc. would all be seen as friendships in Aristotle's eyes. However, he does make it a point to distinguish between different types of friendship and love's role within these relations.

Friendships for Aristotle can be divided into three main categories:

Friendships of utility. These friendships are based on people who are useful to each other. This is the sole reason behind them being friends. A good example of a friendship of utility might be the relationship between a salesman and a customer. The store clerk needs the buyer because (s)he has to make a living and the buyer needs the clerk because he needs a particular item. Both have something the other wants. Such friendships are only temporary and do not last very long as once the customer is no longer useful to the salesman, or visa versa, the connection is severed and the friendship ceases to exist. Friendships of utility are common among older people, for in old age people pursue the functional rather than the enjoyable.

Friendships of pleasure. These types of relationships are based on the amount of pleasure the people get from being in the relationship itself. People who go out together, or enjoy the same activities might be in this type of relationship. They are friends for their own sake, because the friendship brings them pleasure and enjoyment, not for their friend's sake. Friendships of pleasure are common among young people. Young people quickly start and end friendships because what pleasures and satisfies them undergoes constant change.

Friendships of virtue. Unlike friendships of utility and pleasure which can include a circle of friends, friendships of virtue are strictly one-on-one relationships. They are monogamous in nature and such a friendship can only occur between two people of the same (or closely similar) values and ideals, and both persons have to be virtuous. According to Aristotle, one can only become virtuous through wisdom and age. Therefore friendships of virtue are rarely found among young people. It is a relationship of mutual respect and love. The persons in this type of relationship are not in it because they gain something from the relationship, they are not friends because they find each other useful or bring each other pleasure, but because they see virtues in each other that they see in themselves. Such love has roots in altruism and agape love and rest on the idea of 'wanting the best for someone else for their friend's sake.' It is not surprising that such relationships are uncommon according to the philosopher.

Aristotle says that a friend of virtue is another oneself - in a sense, describing them as soulmates. A friend of virtue is a key part to self-sufficiency. Virtuous friends spend time with each other and make the same choices as each other. One person's happiness influences another's happiness and visa versa. The friend, in the Aristotelian scheme, becomes an extension of the individual. In a sociological perspective, the other friend becomes the 'social relative mirror' (Marxist term) in which you define yourself - meaning, you only know yourself in relation to your external, transfigured Other.

It can be argued that Aristotle is wrong when he distinguishes between friendships of utility or pleasure and friendships of virtue. Are we, as human beings, capable of doing a completely unselfish act? Can we truthfully say that we are friends with someone not for our own sake but for the sake of the friends? It may be a harsh reality to some, but I personally disagree with Aristotle on this.

Take the example of gift giving. Does someone give a friend a gift because they know he/she will like it, or to make a good impression on the person, or for the idea that 'you only give a gift to get something greater in return?' There can be any number of reasons why someone would give a gift, but in my opinion the most feasible reasons would be ones where the gift-giver expects to get some form of repayment, even if it is as simple as being liked or appreciated. Altruism is rare to find in modern-day Western culture, and no act is completely selfless. Another example could be helping an elder woman across the road. Would you help her because she needs help or because you would feel a great deal of self-satisfaction by helping her? In my opinion, even if only a small part of the reason why you would help her relates back to self-satisfaction, it would mean that you are not helping her without receiving some form of incentive. We are inherently selfish beings. There is always a degree of self-interest. Therefore Aristotle's definition of friendship of virtue is wrong, in my opinion, or at least too exclusive.

One of the books studied in this course, The Meanings of Love by Robert Wagoner identified six types of defined loves present in Western culture. The author illustrates his claims by defining and presenting definitions of six expressions of love. His fourth idea of love moral love is based on the inner principles of moral uprightness, stability, faithfulness and integrity. The characteristics of respect and rationality determine the credibility of a moral love relationship. Moral love - in my opinion - was one of the most intriguing loves I have learned about because it deals with love not in the highly romanticized sense, but targets the basic foundations of human nature and our social interactions. Using Wagoner's definition of Moral love, I related his ideals to principle and came to conceptualize friendship in a much more broadened sense.

Wagoner reference to Immanuel Kant, an 18th century German philosopher who stated that the legitimacy behind moral love is found in our rational nature which influences our experiences. Kant says that our ability to apply rational principles is what makes moral experience possible (70). In order to form a moral love we must live consistently by two principles of rational nature. First, the same respect and regard we hold to ourselves must be given to all equally. And secondly, our actions must not be self-regarding but instead our relations should be based on the idea that they can be universalized. If carried out correctly, it is the gratification of mutual rationality and strong sense of moral obligation to each other that unite people to love. Moral love is highly rational and is subject to scrutiny reason in order to achieve integrity. In a moral loving relationship, the lover is not so much committed to the beloved as he/she is committed to the relationship itself, because it defines the individual.

The notion of sexuality in moral love threatens its very nature. Kant states, "To truly love others is to care for them as whole persons, that is, as rational and moral sovereigns and not merely as sexual creatures" (80). Friendship could evolve into a greater love, which could result in a union such as marriage which holds importance in moral love; for any sexual relation outside of this strictly shows utilitarianism. It is the difference between the good and the right, and in this case of moral love, sexual relations only seek to use the other as a thing which is immoral in nature. Moral love can be best defined as a "labor of love" where an individual is consistently trying to change themselves into universal beings rooted in moral uprightness. Such a relationship could be described as Aristotle's friendship of virtue.

However, the counter-argument can also be made. Kant differs with Aristotle's definition of friendship. Kant believed that an act could only have moral value if and only if you were not the primary beneficiary of the act. According to Kant with Aristotle's theory of friendship it seems the friendship can not be a moral goal. A friendship is "morally neutral". He goes on to assert that it does not say, or show anything about your moral character. Of course Aristotle would disagree; he would say having a friend of virtue is a goal that every moral person should strive for.

Kant believes that people don't seek friendship for friendship's sake but to satisfy needs (friendship of utility). Kant sees true friendship as two people taking care of the other's needs. If I take care of my friend's needs he/she will take care of my needs. Friendship was based on reciprocity. Kant believes that a truly virtuous man is friends with everyone and should not limit himself to a select few friends, as this would be being exclusive. He should love everyone equally. However, friendships by definition are exclusive, and as a result one is forced to play favoritism. According to Kant friendships are the have of people of lesser virtues blocking out the world. Aristotle would disagree; he would say friendships are the way into the world. Kant has a somewhat negative view of friendship whereas Aristotle thinks friendship is good and therefore sought by everyone.

Aristotle's basic idea of dividing friendship into sections, utility, pleasure and virtue, is good but it can be said that his ideals are too high. Can he be right in saying that only virtuous people can have true friendships? The rest of us with lesser virtues are left with friendships of utility and friendships of pleasure, as only a select few can be truly virtuous. Many would be offended by this and many would believe that although they may not have friendships of virtue as Aristotle meant it they are not inferior and are true friendships all the same.

It would be more beneficial to all if Aristotle made it clear that it is possible for everyone to experience true friendship and not limited it to 'virtuous' people. If virtue is attained by age and wisdom does that not mean that everyone is potentially virtuous and therefore everyone can potentially be in a virtuous friendship?

Subjectively speaking, I find many flaws in Aristotle's views on friendship. The main ones being that he is too elitist, too exclusive when it comes down to defining true friendship and is far too inclusive when it comes to friendships of utility. Aristotle does however make many good arguments, and does a good job with dividing up friendship into categories. It allows us to look at friendship in a more structured way and lets us evaluate different friendships in our life.

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Friendship definition essay examples

Friendship definition essay examples

Example informal essay paper about Friendship with some professional informal writing tips will help you. Dec 13, 2015 · Definition. "Friends" redirects here, for the television series, see thesis synthesis antithesis Friends (TV series). When you need an friendship definition essay examples sample usc essays example written by a student, check out our vast collection of free student models. ESSAY ON ROCK friendship definition essay examples AND ROLL LYRICS. See more ESSAY ON ROCK AND ROLL LYRICS. In composition, cause and effect short answer college essay is friendship definition essay examples a method Typical college essay sample of paragraph friendship definition essay examples or essay development in which a writer analyzes the reasons for--and/or friendship definition essay examples the. Here at Papers Monster writing company we offer essay writing help to the students all over the world. I quote a person in an essay only discovered this article after I put 'what makes up a friend' into schools in the west essays in canadian education history the search bar. See Examples and. essay over albert einstein What about urgent essay with high mark included? Urgent-Essay. Friends, friendship is hard to find. The article, though, did help me. From its inception literary analysis essay gilgamesh to present day, Rock and Roll has excited, thrilled, and entertained millions upon …. THE CURRENT SITUATION. com, the largest free essay community Definition, Usage and a list friendship definition essay examples of Plot Examples in common speech and types of outlines for an essay literature. The Romantic Two-Girl Friendship trope as used in popular culture. Adjective: thematic. Plot is a literary term used to describe the events that make up a story An essay on my dream car or the friendship definition essay examples main. Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or

He bent his head a little towards me, and with a single hasty glance seemed to dive into my eyes. I am little better than a devil at this moment; and, as my pastor there would tell me, deserve no doubt the sternest judgments of God, even to the quenchless fire and deathless worm. Fairfax is not a very dashing person: so much the better; I never lived amongst fine people but once, and I was very miserable with them.
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Scroll through the list, or search for a mode of writing such as. Example informal essay paper about Friendship with some professional informal writing tips will help you. online automated essay scoring Enjoy this free sample informal essay on Friendship topic. Plot is a literary term used to describe the events that make up a story or the main. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Expository Essay About Friendship. com offers skillful performance of your task with guaranteed winning result. Definition, Usage and a list of Narrative Examples in common speech and literature. Feb 10, 2016 · Definitions (1) In literature and composition, a theme is the main idea of a text, expressed directly or indirectly. Three Parts: Choosing the Right Word Potential Elements of an Effective Definition Definition Essay Structure Community …