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Awareness of Hiv Aids - Essay by Doubara

Awareness of Hiv&Aids Essay

Academic Research International

Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2011


Jona, I.N. Phd Department of Physical and Health Education University of Uyo, Akwa NIGERIA

Vipene, J.B. Phd Department of Educational Foundations Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, NIGERIA vipene.joseph@ust.edu.ng

Udo, H.I. (m.sc) Primary Health Care Department Local Government Service Commission, Uyo, Akwa NIGERIA

The study was to determine the awareness of modes of HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention as correlates of sexual behaviour by physically handicapped female students in special schools in Akwa Ibom State. One hundred respondents were drawn for the study using a purposive sampling technique. Forty two item researchers’ made questionnaire titled AHTPMACSSB was used to collect data after being validated by experts. The data were analysed using percentages and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient Statistical Technique. The results showed that the respondents were aware of the various modes of HIV/AIDS transmission. The findings also revealed that the respondents’ level of awareness of preventive measures did not correlate with their sexual behaviour. Based on these, it was recommended that high quality HIV/AIDS education be intensified in schools in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Awareness, Transmission, Behaviour

The principle of understanding basic facts concerning health and disease, attitude and practice within a locality are applicable to all types of diseases including the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This understanding may enable one to utilize the knowledge to develop positive health behaviours and practices within the community. Though awareness alone does not imply safe.

Essay on Aids Awareness - 1 - 814 Words

Aids Awareness - 1

AIDS is a silent killer. The main reason for AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is HIV (Human Immuno Defiency virus). This virus when it enters our body, immediately turns into RNA, and then spreads quickly. After that it starts to destroy the white blood corpuscles. Because of this our resistance towards diseases gets decreased. Now the human body cannot withstand even an ordinary cold.

In the year 1996 according to the survey, about 5000 persons per day were affected by AIDS in the whole world. The final stage of HIV is known as AIDS.

In 1996, it was discovered that the virus can be controlled to a certain extent. The survey in 2002, says that about 3.97 million of people are suffering from this disease in India.

Origin of AIDS
At first, this virus was found in green monkeys of Africa. At that time it was known as 'Siman Immuno Deficiency Syndrome'. Africans ate the monkeys flesh as their food.

In 1981, it was found that, the virus has spread among the Africans. In the year 1987, it was discovered as AIDS.

Mode of Transmission of HIV Virus
Following are the ways in which HIV virus can be transmitted 1. Unprotected hetero or homosexual contact
2. Injection which is used without sterlising after using for HIV/SIDS affected person. 3. Blood of HIV affected person used for another person
4. From the pregnant lay who is affected of AIDS to the child or when she breast feeds child.

Ways in which HIV/AIDS cannot be spread
AIDS cannot spread by shaking hands, eating together, using the dress of the affected person, through mosquito, air, water.

1. Loss of 10% or more of body weight
2. Fever of unknown origin
3. Preumonia, brain tumours, haemorrhage, unremitting diarrhea, swelling of lymph glands.

Role of youth in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
Today's youth is going to build tomorrow's future. They build the nation and they together build the world.

Each one has his/her own responsibility in building a healthy.

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World AIDS Day, observed on 1 December every year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Government and health officials observe the day, often with speeches or forums on the AIDS topics. Since 1995, the President of the United States has made an official proclamation on World AIDS Day. Governments of other nations have followed suit and issued similar announcements. AIDS has killed more than 25 million people between 1981 and 2007,[1 ] and an estimated 33.2 million people worldwide live with HIV as of 2007,[2] making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. Despite recent, improved access to antiretroviral treatment and care in many regions of the world, the AIDS epidemic claimed an estimated 2 million lives in 2007,[3] of which about 270,000 were children.[4] World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter, two public information officers for the Global Programme on AIDS at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.[5][6] Bunn and Netter took their idea to Dr. Jonathan Mann, Director of the Global Programme on AIDS (now known as UNAIDS). Dr. Mann liked the concept, approved it, and agreed with the recommendation that the first observance of World AIDS Day should be.

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When AIDS first emerged, no-one could have predicted how the epidemic would spread across the world and how many millions of lives it would change. There was no real idea what caused it, and consequently, no real idea how to protect against it. Now, in 2004, we know from bitter experience that AIDS is caused by the virus HIV, and that it can devastate families, communities and whole continents. We have seen the epidemic knock decades off countries' national development, widen the gulf between rich and poor nations and push already-stigmatized groups closer to the margins of society. We are living in an ‘international' society, and HIV has become the first truly ‘international' epidemic, easily crossing oceans and international borders. Just as clearly, experience shows that the right approaches, applied quickly enough with courage and resolve, can and do result in lower national HIV infection rates and less suffering for those affected by the epidemic. Globally, we have learned that if a country acts early enough, a national HIV crisis can be averted. It has also been noted that a country with a very high HIV prevalence rate will often see this rate eventually stabilise, and even decline. This indicates, among other things, that people are beginning to change risky behaviour patterns, because they have seen and known people who have been killed by AIDS . Fear is the worst, and last way of changing people's behaviour and by the.

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 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS ) is caused by HIV, a virus that can be passed from person to person through sexual fluids blood and breast milk. Worldwide the majority of HIV infections are transmitted through sex between men and women, and half of all adults living with HIV are women. Certain groups of people have been particularly affected and these include injecting drug users, sex workers and men who have sex with men. Slave trade has been an ongoing business interaction between multiple countries during the last century and has allowed the HIV virus to be spread internationally. Although HIV and AIDS are found in all parts of the world, some areas are more afflicted than others. The worst affected region is sub-Saharan Africa, where in a few countries more than one in five adults is infected with HIV. The epidemic is spreading most rapidly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where the number of people living with HIV increased by 250 percent between 2001 and 2010. Many Western countries, such as the UK, have increasing rates of HIV transmission through heterosexual sex. In America, where more than a million people are living with HIV, heterosexual sex accounts for one third of new diagnoses. (Averting HIV and AIDS . 2011) Although it is known how to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS . too few people have access to the necessary services. With access to prevention tools such as HIV.

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Aids in Africa— Gabby Smith The origin of aids in Africa are not fully known but scientist do believe that it has a background to something called SIV (which they believe came from primates that live in Guinea-Bissau). They found the first traces of this in humans of the area, around the time of the 1930's. The epidemic began to start in the early 1960's when there were only approximately 2,000 cases (of HIV) that were known of at the time. A decade later the community of Kinshasa was reported to have been the first place in the world with a “hetro-sexual” advancement with HIV. Many believe that it was carried by an infected self who then transferred the infection to another person in that area. Suddenly though, many people had it because of the sexual structure that was going on during that time frame. By the time of the early 1980's more than five more countries (in Africa) had reached a pandemic level with the infection. Some of the main reasons that it spread so fast was because of sex-workers, low understanding of STIs, and vulgar views of women (men believing they could over rule women and do whatever they wanted to them). Later pregnant women began contracting the virus and that was carried on to their babies because they had no protection against breastfeeding or any possible way of getting the drugs they would need. By the 1990's they were trying to look for a cure but they still have not found it. Even so the population living.

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Danny Restrepo May 2nd, 2012 Biology Final Paper AIDS After doing extensive research, the disease I decided to base my research off of is the disease known as Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, more commonly known as AIDS . This disease of the human immune system is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV. This illness interjects with the immune system, making infections much more commonly induced by people with AIDS . This susceptibility gradually gets worse as this disease progresses. Obtaining HIV is possible in many different ways, such as sexual intercourse, including the practice of oral sex and anal sex. Other ways of contracting this virus includes contaminated blood transfusions, hypodermic needles, an exchange between the mother and her offspring during the pregnancy cycle, childbirth and breastfeeding. This virus can also be transmitted by any contact of a mucous membrane, or the bloodstream with a bodily fluid that has the virus contained inside of it, such as the blood, semen, vaginal fluid, preseminal fluid and even breast milk from an infected host. AIDS is not likely to be transmitted by hugging, unless the host has open sores and legions on their body and is in direct contact with you. AIDS is most likely to be obtained at the ages of 13 to 20. The virus and disease are commonly paired together as HIV and AIDS . The disease.

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AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a disease caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The illness alters the immune system, making people much more vulnerable to infections and diseases. This susceptibility worsens as the disease progresses. HIV is found in the body fluids of an infected person (semen and vaginal fluids, blood and breast milk). The virus is passed from one person to another through blood-to-blood and sexual contact. In addition, infected pregnant women can pass HIV to their babies during pregnancy, delivering the baby during childbirth, and through breast feeding. HIV can be transmitted in many ways, such as vaginal, oral sex, anal sex, blood transfusion, and contaminated hypodermic needles. Both the virus and the disease are often referred to together as HIV/AIDS . People with HIV have what is called HIV infection. As a result, some will then develop AIDS . The development of numerous opportunistic infections in an AIDS patient can ultimately lead to death. According to research, the origins of HIV date back to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century in west-central Africa. AIDS and its cause, HIV, were first identified and recognized in the early 1980s. What is the difference between HIV and AIDS . HIV is the virus which attacks the T-cells in the immune system. AIDS .

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AIDSAwareness Presented By: Monika Arora Bhartiyam College of Education, Faridabad AIDSAwareness - Index n HIV / AIDS – A Brief n Red Ribbon Foundation – A Brief n How is HIV passed on? n You cannot get HIV from: n The four stages of HIV infection HIV / AIDS – A Brief n HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus(The resulting disease is called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), a disease in which there is a severe loss of the body's cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy n It was first isolated in May 1983 at Paris by Luc Montagnier, and belongs to a group called ‘Retroviruses’. They copy their genetic material into the genetic material of human cells and, thus the infected cells, stay infected for the rest of their lives. The HIV infects key body cells called CD4 cells, which coordinate the immune systems fight against various infections. Red Ribbon Foundation – A Brief The Red Ribbon Foundation: n created to raise money for distribution to HIV/AIDS researchers, primarily in the field of pediatric AIDS research; to promote awareness of the disease through distribution of the Red Ribbon; and to educate the worldwide public through efforts such as our website, handing out informative materials on high school and college campuses, and holding events that bring an.

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Pandemic Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS ) is the final stage of HIV disease, which causes severe damage to immune system and numerous of dead all over the world. AIDS is the sixth leading cause of death among people ages 25 – 44 in the United States. Millions of people around the world are living with HIV/AIDS . including many children under age 15 (PubMed Health). In addition, AIDS ranks the first leading of death in Vietnam. More than 260000 people living with AIDS and an estimated 100 people become infected every day (AIDS in Vietnam). Based on this information, we know that AIDS is one of the most powerful killers in the world. It kills more than millions of people per year. Unfortunately, we cannot produce medicine to cure this pandemic. Its damages are very huge and last long. It almost destroys everything of human such as job, family and country. My father’s friend is one of the millions patient whose life was done away by AIDS . He lost his job, his family, and his future. This tragedy turned my friend into emaciated and morose. Therefore, I want to know more about this pandemic. I want to rescue all the AIDS patients over the world. I hope that one day I can produce a medicine which could stop this terrific pandemic and bring back my friend family. “The Terrifying Normalcy of AIDS ”, by Stephen Jay Gould will give us.

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AIDS awareness campaign Essay

AIDS awareness campaign AIDS awareness campaign

1. An AIDS awareness campaign in Mexico must handled with delicacy, as there is much stigma surrounding the issue. There is a strong Catholic influence due to which the matters of sexual education and even sexual education are highly controversial ones. The stigma is indeed so intense that the topic is rarely discussed, as result of which many rural Mexicans have never even heard of it. Spouses do not inform each other out of fear of reprisal by the neighbors and their family.

But, since the issue of AIDs infection is such a serious one, it is best that message itself be delivered in a straightforward, direct manner, but layered with heavy emotional appeal. Informative appeals will be necessary to educate the uninformed about the nature, severity and the risk of disease, whereas the persuasive appeal is necessary to motivate people to action, to take responsibility for their sexual activities and their health. 2. The Mexican AIDS campaign will have to target a minimum of two segments. The first segment has to be rural, lower class women.

According to the case, there is a general sense of “machismo” in the country, where men are considered invincible, and are thus averse to seeking aid and help. This fact supports the notion that bringing about behavioral change, especially in regards to sexual activity, will be much more difficult with men. Also. given that fact that women comprised one sixth of the AIDS cases, whereas in around the 1980s, they comprised about one twentieth of them. Therefore there is an evident trend where women are increasingly growing victims of the disease.

The second segment that must be catered to is young adults; high school and university students. This is meets the of objective of reducing stigma; biases and negative dispositions are reinforced over time, thus the older people are the harder it is to change their minds. Many young people adhere to the misconception that HIV/AIDS only happens to prostitutes, homosexuals and the sexually promiscuous, the best way to challenge that belief is to get to them at as young an age possible to make them aware of the reality, and the severity of a disease.

3. The media mix necessary for this campaign will require heavy usage of mass marketing media, as the campaign has to reach out to both urban and rural areas. Television, newspapers and radio channels will need to be employed as these channels provide the highest levels of reach towards the desired audience. The campaign has to stimulate the practice of safe sex, so the copy must involve a strong call to action, such as “Protect others by protecting yourself.

Get tested for AIDS/HIV today”. Additional information such as contact numbers for testing clinics, guarantees of anonymity and patient confidentiality etc can be provided. Once people actually go to get tested, they can meet with doctors directly who can educate them about safer sex practices. 4. Successful partnerships within Mexico will require the use of organizations that have a strong local presence. Thus, Casa Alianza and the Family Health International such should be used.

An affiliation with MTV would be beneficial in reaching out to younger audiences, whereas radio stations focus on lower classes. A football star could be used to endorse the vision of the campaign, someone who is a popular role model who supports the AIDS awareness cause. This celebrity could be made the star feature of a youth mobilization programme, held at universities and hospitals. It could be a grand event geared at raising awareness where people can come to see the star himself speak about the issue, where they will receive pamphlets as well as merchandise.

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