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Unit 4 Essay feedback

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When Harry Met Sally Essay - 1668 Words

When Harry Met Sally

The film “When Harry Met Sally” is rife with examples of interpersonal communication victories and utter failures. The main characters- Harry Burns played by Billy Crystal and Sally Albright played by Meg Ryan- are captive to each other’s company during a car ride from Chicago to New York and quickly find they maintain very opposite viewpoints on much of life, especially relationships between men and women. The premise for the argument and the remainder of the film is the disagreement as to whether or not women and men can be friends without sex getting in the way. Harry maintains it is not possible, and Sally takes the opposite position. Throughout the film Harry and Sally display a number of different communication traits. Their style of communication is determined largely by the way they regard themselves and the way they perceive others. These factors of communication provide for a rollercoaster of interactions throughout the film.

The way that one regards themself, a relatively stable set of perceptions about one’s self, is referred to as self-concept (Adler, Proctor, Rosenfeld 56). Self-concept is a reflection not only of the physical attributes but also the emotional, moral, value, and preference characteristics of personality. The way that someone feels about those qualities will determine their self-esteem, part of the self-concept that determines self-worth. Typically it is thought that a high self-esteem is preferable over a low self-esteem, and while that is largely true, a high self-esteem doesn’t necessarily mean that person will enjoy interpersonal success. A high self-esteem may lead people to think they are more successful than the rest of the world sees them. “It’s easy to see how people with an inflated sense of self-worth could irritate others by coming across as condescending know-it-alls, especially when their self-worth is challenged” (Adler, Rosenfeld, Proctor 56).

There are many examples of Harry exhibiting an inflated sense of self-worth in the movie. One such clear example is famous café scene in which Sally fakes an orgasm. To summarize the conversation; Harry and Sally are discussing their relational pursuits since their previous relationships fell apart. Harry concludes that he is a master of love-making and that because he is able to fully satisfy his dates it is excusable for him to skip staying the night. Sally is appalled by his behavior and in typical Harry fashion he brushes it off, concluding that he is just more adept at the dating game than Sally. It never occurs to Harry that the women he is certain are “having a good time” could possibly be faking it. It is at this point that Sally fakes an orgasm at the table, at which point Harry must concede he may not be the stud he thought he was.

This somewhat extreme example drives home the point of several facets of self-concept and the potential dangers of how easily it is influenced. Men and women are both susceptible to forming concepts of self based on comparisons to others, a process referred to as social comparison. Both sexes are influenced by magazine ads, billboards, television and movies, and other forms of advertisement that tell viewers how they should, look, act, and perform. People make self-worth determinations based on how superior or inferior they are to the subjects they use to evaluate their own characteristics. Social scientists call these subjects reference groups. During a lunch meeting with two of her friends Sally engages in a discussion about other women, and her lunch company, in which they compare themselves based on their current relational status. This is a small scale example of women basing their self-worth off the comparative successes and failures of others.

In the realms of entrepreneurship and sales there is a strong pull to make assessments of self-worth based upon comparisons of one’s peer group. In the sales organization it is often built in to the culture.

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Tim Bauer Kaylyn Pick COMM 7100 27 November 2012 WhenHarryMetSally In my research paper; I am attempting to show three communication styles. The styles are to recognize and perform appropriate and effective interpersonal communication behaviors and by describing the functions of verbal language in interpersonal communication. I will also identify specific non-verbal behaviors that have a positive/negative effect on interpersonal communication. I am trying show examples through Harry . Sally and their friends. I am also incorporating my personal experiences into the research as well. The movie starts out with Harry and Amanda hugging and kissing. They look like a typical couple in love. Whensally pulls up to pick Harry up for their trip to New York; Sally is short and wants to be on the way. They exchange their introductions and Sally seems to disapprove of Harry . I noticed her disapproval by her tone. When they are on their way to New York; they start talking about sex. Harry is saying; men and women can’t be friends and Sally disagrees. She states; she has many guy friends. Harry recants to that and declares that her guy friends just want to have sex. As they talk about this cutting edge.

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'WhenHarryMetSally ' Is Bad For Ladies by Blythe Roberson | October 10th, 2012 WhenHarryMetSally is a commercial film. Its mission is to be entertaining, to ensure as much watching as possible. As a commercial romantic comedy, its entertainment stems from its romance (Harry and Sally ending up happily together) and from its comedy (“baby fish mouth”). The film is romantic, it is comedic, and thus it was a commercial success. But to WhenHarryMet Sally’s fans, it is not about commercial success but about the question of whether men and women can be friends. This is the hook of the movie, the foundation for its romance and jokes. Within the first fifteen minutes, Harry makes a statement which the rest of the film debates: “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.” Sally argues that she has platonic men friends, but Harry says these friendships are invalid because those men secretly want to have sex with her. It’s a universal rule, he says. All men want to have sex with all women, regardless of whether or not the man finds the woman attractive. And according to Harry . it doesn’t matter if the woman doesn’t want to have sex with the man, “because the sex thing is already out there, so the.

1541 Words | 4 Pages

WhenHarrymetSally Based on the communication styles listed in your text (Closed, Open, Hidden & Blind), please match a character to each of these styles. List the character, and then support your answer with a specific example. Closed Communication Style- Marie shows signs of representing a “closed communication style” because she spends most of her time in the film overly obsessed with a married man. She has a hard time recognizing the fact that he is married and stays in the “relationship” with him even though it has no clear destination. Hidden Communication Style- I witnessed two examples of hidden communication thru out the movie. One example, whenHarry is persistent about questioning Sally’s life and never really shares his own life experiences. Jess is another example of a hidden communicator. Jess was concerned about Harry not being happy when they were batting. He also showed that he was concerned about the progress of Harrys relationship and his emotional feelings while his marriage was disintegrating. Blind Communication Style- From my understanding, blind communicators voice their opinions about how things should be done and have no problem with telling people what they have done wrong. The character that I think represented blind communication mostly throughout the film was Harry .

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Some Things in Life are Worth Getting Messy For Harry and Sally meet when she gives him a ride to New York City after they both graduate from the University of Chicago. The movie follows each of their lives, while they search for love, constantly running into one another throughout the years. They finally develop a friendship, and enjoy having a friend of the opposite sex to hang out with and confide in. But through time and trials they are confronted with Harry’s theory about men and women: “Can a man and a woman be friends, without sex getting in the way?" With Harry and Sally . a clear relationship parameter was set, which couldn’t be broken or crossed without ramifications to their relationship. The relationship between Harry and Sally developed throughout encounters they had with one another at different stages in their lives. A once barely tolerated acquaintance bloomed into a close friendship. They created a tight knit Dyad, which is “a two person group where they relied on one another for emotional support, advice and companionship” (Barkan). Harry quickly became the expressive leader of their group, which is described in our text as “a leader whose main focus is to maintain and improve the quality of relationships amongst group members” (Barkan). Through Harry and Sally’s friendship, they created a social group with their close.

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Harry Connick Junior’s Past, Present and Purpose “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Those are the very, very true words of Berthold Auerbach, and anyone that has heard Harry Connick’s music knows those words is true. Harry was a born musician and entertainer. He has the ability to reach into your heart leave a permanent finger print. His music can always put me in a good mood, without fail. Now, how did this amazing entertainer come to be? We will go back and see how things started and began to roll on his musical and movie career and what he has done to help out a place that has gone through a horrible tragedy. Harry’s humble and cultural beginnings helped him to get to where he is now. Although he is now 41, and a jazz genius, he was born and raised in New Orleans. He started performing at a very young age, only five years old! This first performance of his was at his dad’s inauguration as New Orleans District Attorney. He did his first jazz recording at ten. WhenHarry was 18, he moved to New York. At 19 and 20, he released his first and second albums; there was no turning back now, everyone loves the way he puts the real flavor of New Orleans into his music. Harry’s first multi-platinum album was a score he wrote for the movie WhenHarryMetSally . His career really blossomed in the 90’s with his classic New.

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WhenHarryMetSally Background of Characters and Episode Harry and Sally’s relationship has developed into a stabilized friendship. They arrive at Jess and Marie’s new apartment with a plant. Jess and Marie are unpacking, and they’re having a disagreement about a wagon wheel that’s been made into a table with a round plate glass on top. Harry and Sally have just run into Harry’s ex-wife. He seems upset but denies it whenSally asks him if he’s okay. Jess asks Harry for his opinion, and Harry says it’s nice and walks over and stares blankly out the door. Marie asks Sally for her opinion, and Sally just makes a face and shakes her head no. Jess and Marie continue arguing, and Harry turns around and walks toward them and explains that his marriage started out fine and then begins to raise his voice. Sally tells him that he’s upset and they shouldn’t talk about that right now. He disagrees because he feels that by telling them about it they’ll benefit from his experience. Harry continues raising his voice, explaining how his marriage ended up. He walks out the door, slamming it behind him. Sally explains to that they just bumped into Helen and follows Harry out the door. Harry is pacing in front of the.

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CMST 210: Paper 3 In the movie WhenHarryMetSally . there are many examples that illustrate Knapp’s ten developmental stages of romantic relationship; initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, bonding, differentiating, circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, and terminating. Not only do Harry and Sally demonstrate what couples go through in the phases of coming together and pulling apart, they also show that romantic relationships don’t just develop overnight. They evolve throughout a period of time, and transition through the stages of relationship formation, not necessarily in order either. In my paper, I will be talking about how this couple demonstrates the concept of each of Knapp’s developmental stages, reasons why we form relationships, social penetration model, and the benefits and risks of self­disclosure. First, I’ll be talking about examples from the movie that demonstrate initiating, terminating, experimenting, and reasons why we form relationships. I noticed two examples from the movie that illustrate the initiating phase perfectly. In the scene where Harry first gets into Sally’s car, as they head off to New York, we see evidence of initiating because this is when they actually meet each other, learn one another’s name, and interact for the first time. Once they had gotten to.

1144 Words | 1 Pages

WhenHarryMetSally Essay This movie is a 1989 American romantic comedy film written by Nora Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner. It stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as Harry and Sally . The story follows the title characters from the time they meet just before sharing a cross-country drive, through twelve years or so of chance encounters in New York City. The film raises the question "Can men and women ever just be friends?" and advances many ideas about love that became household concepts, such as those of the "high-maintenance" girlfriend and the "transitional person". During the beginning of the movie Harry Burns and Sally Albright finish college at the University of Chicago and meet when both need someone to share a drive to New York City, where Sally is beginning journalism school and Harry is presumably starting a career; at the time, Harry is dating a friend of Sally's, Amanda. During their trip to New York they discuss differing ideas about relationships between men and women. Harry has his mind set that "Men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way". even with ones "he finds unattractive". Sally disagrees, claiming that men and women can be strictly friends without sex. On the way, at a stop in a diner, Sally is angered.

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Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky (born October 9. 1970 ) is an American music composer for film. television and video games. He has composed the soundtrack s to the movies "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2003), " Steamboy " (2004), "The Island " (2005), "Transformers " (2007), "D-War" (2007) and ' (2009) was a contributor on ' (2004) among many others. In addition, he helped compose some of the music to the video game "", and composed the theme music in 2003 for the BBC's " Seven Wonders of the Industrial World ". He continues to write music for the television show " Desperate Housewives " (2004-current) since the fourth episode .

Steve also wrote the music for ', taking the place of the former " Command & Conquer " music composer Frank Klepacki. who was unable to write the game's score due to his involvement with '.

Jablonsky's most recent projects include the scores for the Michael Bay live action feature film "Transformers ", the South Korean film "D-War" and " Gears of War 2 ". He works in Hans Zimmer 's studio Remote Control Productions (formerly known as Media Ventures).

* [http://www.soundtrack.net/composers/database/?id=1018 Steve Jablonsky at SoundtrackNet ]
*imdb name|id=0413011|name=Steve Jablonsky
* [http://www.stevejablonskyonline.com Steve Jablonsky Fansite ]
* [http://www.steve-jablonsky.ch Steve Jablonsky Fansite German & English Europe ]
* [http://www.myspace.com/stevejablonskymusic Steve Jablonsky on MySpace.com ]
* [http://www.vgmrush.com/artist.php?id=55 Profile at VGM Rush ]

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010 .

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Steve Jablonsky — Pour les articles homonymes, voir Jablonsky. Steve Jablonsky est un compositeur de musique de film américain né le 9 octobre 1970, travaillant au studio Remote Control. Sommaire 1 Biographie … Wikipédia en Français

Jablonsky — oder Jablonský ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Carl Gustav Jablonsky (1756–1787), deutscher Entomologe und Illustrator Steve Jablonsky (* 1970), US amerikanischer Filmkomponist Tomáš Jablonský (* 1987), tschechischer Fußballspieler Siehe … Deutsch Wikipedia

Jablonsky — est un nom de famille notamment porté par : Carl Gustav Jablonsky (1756 1787), naturaliste et artiste allemand ; Steve Jablonsky (né en 1970), compositeur de musique de film américain. Catégorie. Homonymie de patronyme … Wikipédia en Français

Jay Flood — Jonathan Jay Flood est un compositeur de musique de film travaillant au studio Remote Control. Filmographie 2007 The Bill Engvall Show de Bill Engvall (série TV) Transformers: The Game (jeu vidéo) (co compositeur avec Steve Jablonsky)… … Wikipédia en Français

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The Sims 3 — Developer(s) The Sims Studio Publisher(s) Electronic Arts … Wikipedia

Illustration to ‘Sally in our Alley’, Edwin Austin Abbey, 1886

Illustration to ‘Sally in our Alley’ Catalogue entry


Inscr. ‘E. A. Abbey 1886’ b.r.
Pen and ink, 15 1/2×10 (39×25).
Presented by a group of admirers through John Singer Sargent 1924.
Coll: Mrs E. A. Abbey.
Exh: (?) R.A. winter 1912 (301 or 308), as ‘Illustration to “Sally in our Alley”’.
Lit: Lucas, 1921, 1, p.159.
Repr:Old Songs. with drawings by Edwin A. Abbey and Alfred Parsons, 1889, p.78.

The series of drawings illustrating Old Songs began in December 1886 with those devoted to H. Carey's song ‘Sally in our Alley’, and appeared in Harper's Magazine before publication by Macmillan; see No.3990 above. This drawing illustrates the verse:

When she is by, I leave my work, I lover her so sincerely; My master comes like any Turk, And bangs me most severely; But let him bang his bellyful, I'll bear it all for Sally: She is the darling of my heart, And she lives in our Alley.

Published in:
Mary Chamot, Dennis Farr and Martin Butlin, The Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture. London 1964, I

Sally Hayes in The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye Sally Hayes Character Analysis

Sally Hayes is a pretty, friendly, loud girl who likes to eat ice cream, see matinees, and show off her cute butt in "one of those little skirts" (17.25). Ugh, that is the worst. right?

Or, maybe it's just called "being a normal seventeen-year-old." Sure, Sally is a little annoying, and she likes to drop names, but come on: who isn't a little annoying when they're seventeen? (Ahem, Holden.)

So, our response to Sally is really our response to everyone Holden meets and dislikes—from Ackley to Stradlater to Luce to the three women in the Lavender Room. Either we agree with Holden and that everyone is "phony" and moronic, or we realize that everyone—including Holden, including ourselves—is human and flawed.

Going to Look for America

We get our biggest insight into Sally's character when she refuses to run away with Holden. He invents this cute little fantasy of borrowing a car and living in a wood cabin and getting married, and she tells him flat out, "You can't just do something like that" (17.50). And she has really solid reasons: "we're both practically children"; "did you ever stop to think what you'd do if you didn't get a job when your money ran out?"; "We'll have oodles of time to those things … after you go to college" (17.54, 56).

Sally may be conventional and shallow, but, come on, this is common sense. The whole "oodles of time" is a bit annoying, but the part about them being "practically children" and not having any guarantee of finding a job is solid. Maybe she's not being "phony" and shallow so much as she's being practical and reasonable. Can you even imagine Holden picking up an axe to "chop all [their] wood in the wintertime" (17.49)?