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First Semester Reflection Essay For English 101

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First semester reflection essay for english 101

Reflection Questions:

6. Compare your accomplishments with what you hoped for and expected at the start. Did you work hard or not? Get a lot done or not? What kinds of things were difficult or frustrating? Which were easy why?
I was expecting a hard ENH 101 class that I was really going to have to work at to do well in. I was hoping that I would be able to show how good of a writer I could be in this class. I think that I did get to show my instructor that I really do know how to work hard and try for my grade. I think I did get a lot done in ENH 101 this semester. I got to write a lot of different types of papers. For example we wrote personal credos, group essays, and argumentative essays. It was really fun to get to write different styles of writing. One frustration I had this semester was the last paper we got assigned. The argument paper was a little tricky for me to rap my head around. I had to really think hard to come up with a topic I could argue against. I then came up with an idea and it took of that was one of the main frustrations had this semester. One thing that was easy this semester was this I believe. You basically got to write about what ever you believe in and I found it really fun and rewarding to write about how I felt.
7.Think of some important moments from this learning period: your best moments, worst moments, typical moments, crises or turning points. Tell me a few of these moments and what can you learn or did you learn from each of these moments?
The best moments of this semester was listening to class mates speech's. I found them very interesting and I learned a lot about them. I also found one of the best moments this semester is sitting next to people I really can relate to. My table is really fun and I love sitting by them and learning with them. The worst moments in this class were the vocabulary tests. I would study very hard for them and I always did poorly on them even if I did the biweekly homework every week. I really tried in the beginning to study for the Vocabulary tests and I kind of gave up at the end of the semester. I learned that I'm really bad at studying for vocabulary but if I try my hardest that's the best I can do. I also learned how a lot of people have different opinions about certain topics. For example the speech's were about different topics and people had a lot of opinions and thoughts about the topics.

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First semester reflection essay for english 101 First semester reflection essay for english 101

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English 101 Semester A Home Page

English 101(A) Home Page Fall Semester 1998
Instructor: Tracey Besmark
Course Description

This is the first semester of a two-semester course. The main purpose of this course is to help you become a better writer. You will discover the writing strategies that work best for you and develop the writing skills necessary to succeed in college. The emphasis is on helping each of you learn to write better regardless of your present level of skill or competency.

You will focus on all aspects of what it takes to produce a finished piece of writing (from brainstorming to final draft). From your own thoughts and experiences, you will create a variety of writing forms, ranging from the strictly personal and private (journal writing) to the more "public"--writing you will share with your classmates. The course is set up in as a writers� workshop in which you will both give and receive feedback from other students and the teacher. Be prepared to actively participate in both small and large group activities and discussions. NOTE: If you are doing very well, you have the option of attempting to by-pass English 101, Semester B and moving straight on to English 102. This will require you to be self-motivated and hard working. You will need to submit your portfolio to the English Department for review. Course Components

English 101-A

On-line Class
at Nicenet

Final Reflection

���������� ���������� I was honesty regretting the start of this semester. I was so afraid of failing English 101 again. Which I have done three times in my three years of college. After a few classes, I saw this one was different from all the others that I had taken before. In this class, I learned to listen, pay attention to detail, and not be afraid to ask for help. This final portfolio was not as hard as I first thought. It did take a great deal of time. I worked very hard on detail and the format of the website. Therefore, when my audience reads my essays that the content of the website fit the content of the essays. I poured my heart and soul into this project and the essays within it. Which prior to this class I would have been terrified to do. This website shows my writing strength of never giving up and never excepting mediocre work as my own. It does show some of my weaknesses as a writer. The MLA style is still hard for me to fallow in works cited. This project did have its challenges but I greatly enjoyed putting the final portfolio together and hope that future classes will give me an opportunity to express my artistic creativity as this project did.

���������� This semester was the fourth time I had taken English 101. In previous classes, it was like here is the assignment do it. No offers of help, I was afraid to ask for help because the professors were scary. This was the first time in all those classes that I really got what it was about. This year I learned that writing is a way to communicating what is in my head. It is a way to explain what I think about the subject at hand. It is way for me to express myself. This class taught me to no longer be afraid of what people think of my writing but to just put it out there. I am happy to write again after this class, which has not happened since I was a child. I want to write more now, especially after doing this website project. I loved putting it together and want to add more to it as the semesters go bye. I want people to know what I think and what my rational is. This year I learned most of all not to give up and to keep on writing, because I can.

���������� As a writer, this website gave me an opportunity to put forth my hardest work into one great theme. As a writer, this ability has shined through the website. A website with my writing had to be as perfect as I could make it. I worked on this project over the whole semester putting in a total of 112 hours to complete the final portfolio. Each essay with its consecutive page has a character to it. The pictures on the essay web page directly reflect the subject of the essay. With a consistent theme of butterflies. I love butterflies, they sooth me and make me feel fuzzy inside. They are versatile and beautiful. This is what I wanted my website to reflect, versatility and beauty. With the collection of pictures, essays, and hard work, this final project is the best I have to give. �����

���������� The weaknesses this final project shows in my writing, I think is my inability to put forth the passion I have and that I still suck at MLA citation. I am so afraid of running off track and getting of the subject, all too often my writing is too vague. I hope that my audience thinks different. I tried very hard to be straight to the point and detailed in each page. The MLA cited works is still very confusing and I am unsure if I got it right still. I did do my best at trying to get the citations and works cited page done correctly. I did learn this semester a great appreciation for the proper citation of others work. I know that I would want someone to cite my work well so I get credit for all the hard work I have done. I am hoping the weaknesses I have as a writer do not show too much with this final project.

���������� The final portfolio website project was intimidating at first, but after I got my feet wet, I ran with it like a kid with a kite. When the syllabus was explained the first day in class, I was terrified and relieved. I was glad we only had to do like five essays I figured the less I had to do the less chance I had to fail. When we were told about the final portfolio project, I was terrified. I have think of my self as computer savvy but not enough to build a website, and then have my written work out there fore everyone to see. I was terrified honestly. However, the staff at the media center was amazing and once I got the hang of the program, I had a blast. I loved putting the pages together each one with a new content and texture. The revision process was not that bad, again it was a great deal of work, but as a writer and a student, work does not scare me.

���������� Over all I am very happy with this class, my essays, and my final portfolio. This class has given me confidence. It has also introduced me to some very cool people. My fellow students in this class and their peer review are what made it possible to have a great final project. Each project essay provided a different challenge. These challenges made me want to learn more and improve my writing with each assignment. The assignments were challenging but the instruction made them do able. I am very proud of the work I have done for my portfolio. Even though it shows my weaknesses and strengths as a writer. The weaknesses only mean I am human and have more to learn. These weaknesses too will become strengths later in my writing. This final project portfolio and website is me and what I have learned this year. I hope that everyone enjoys viewing it as much as I did putting it together.

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